GS News Top 5 - Fallout 4 VR; New Pokemon Go-kemon! Destiny 2 Leaks!

BioWare talks Andromeda patches, Orisa finally comes to Overwatch, and Bethesda says Fallout 4 VR will “blow your mind”!

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It was fun but pity about the weather!

The tourists were cute.

Studio might be better but it's good to mix it up.

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That was fun to watch and nothing like a little rain at the end. Does wonders for the hair, I hear. :)

F4 VR - I'd love to try it out but like pause422 I'm not expecting much in the resolution/details department. Plus in the Fallout universe, if you can't walk around, what's the point? That all being said maybe they've resolved these issues but the jury's out.

ME:A - Yes there are glitches but to be honest in my PC play-through (20+ hours so far) the only thing I've seen is bad lip synching with the Angara. The irises (my previous bitch) have been tweeked and look a lot better. Plus with all of the "stuff" to do, if all you're concentrating on is facial "stuff" you're missing out on a huge chunk of the game.

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Fallout 4 VR blow peoples minds is the biggest joke I've heard. The game itself unmodded looks mediocre at best, and it will have even less detail in VR. Nothing immersive about that.

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Not a fan of the teleporting in VR, I get that it helps with motion sickness but I hope they find a work around for Fallout.

ME:A I'm skipping, too many supposedly better games out there to play. I have five games still in their wrapping and I'm not even gonna mention steam. Sorry ME, maybe they'll manage to fix your problems by the time theres a dry spell.

And its kinda great how while Jess and Dan are running from the rain theres a guy with a stroller just calmly walking right behind them.

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@Pawfalcon: Like you I'm so behind in my gaming that I can afford to wait. Right now doing my first play through of the original ME trilogy. Later I'll buy ME:A when it's a bit cheaper and the issues have been fixed.

After this, I jump to Fallout 4. For which I have all the DLC, updated graphics, etc... due to being slow to get to it.

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Heh Jess the celebrity, and that's not even a joke :)

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Love Fallout 4, would be interesting to see it in VR, prices are steep for PC VR headsets though and I really need a new chipset first.

I also cared about Jess saying "Petrol Station" :-)

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I love when your episodes are a bit more informal and this was a great one! The funny bit at the beginning and yes, unscripted works better, and that bit at the end.

Lol. I gotta say, if I was in that park I would have waited you to finish, but I would have wanted a photo with you all. Don't worry you're safe, I'm in California...

So on Fallout 4 - VR. You'll be at E3 right? You must report on this. I'm very curious as to how the game works in VR. It would be great if you all could do a separate video report on it if they would let you show that much.

By the way, do you all have the technology of umbrellas in Australia? ;-)

Stay dry my friends!

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@Louis: Thanks mate! Um-be-rell-ah? Am I saying that right?

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@dancrowd: You got it! ;-)

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Ed's segways are God tier. Dan can't even handle it.

Also, Congrats Jess! You're officially an International SuperSTAR!