GS News Top 5 - Bloodborne’s Horrifying Heroes; Fan-made Morrowind Remake!

Community remasters of Half-Life 2 and Morrowind are set to impress, Batman: Arkham games could be coming to current gen, and free Xbox games for April!

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The RTS Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. Re- Mastered. Would be So Great!

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why is she so hot?? someone answer me why is she so hot?!?!?!

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Final Fantasy 7 re-re-re-re-re-re-remaster!! Please Please Please!!!!!!!!

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@sorena007 guy 1 'why are there so many remasters?'

guy 2 'because publishers keeps shoving them down our throats!'

.... me 'well theres a market for them so if it didnt sell they wouldnt keep making them'...

guy 1 'nah, youre a liar... why you lie, liar?'...

you =. "exhibit A"...

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Baby Groot shirt FTW!

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System Shock remake sounds interesting.

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@HipHopBeats I know there isn't a re-make, but the community did a visual update for it that is quite decent. If you already knew that pretend this post never happened.

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Red Dead redemption for PC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bubba duke.

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oshit glad I waited to play Morrowind.

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Would love to see a Star Wars Dark Forces Remake - would also like to see a new gen Conker game

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Morrowind and Final Fantasy 7 are the games I wan't remakes for.

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@coldfusion25 want*. the other one is won't

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Screw the lipstick on a pig and let us get HL3!

Bit of a slow news day/week. So random tid-bits (mostly Bloodborne): Father Gaston is pretty easy(parried right before he turned werewolf for a near finisher) and so is cleric beast if you don't lock-on. And Spring is a pretty good movie. Check it out, especially if you liked "let the Right One In" or the American version. End comment section random mini-rant.

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@Pawfalcon They can't count to three, mark my words you'll likely see Evolve 2 before you ever see any mention of HL3 or L4D3 :(

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@Keitha313 @Pawfalcon HL2:E3

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I slayed many companions whilst slashing at Cliff Racers.

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@timthegem cliffracerremover.esp

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They've been working on the Morrowind thing for a while now, it will probably be another 2 years before it's complete.

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@crazeon Well with only 70 people I can imagine it taking a very long time to get it complete, someone needs to look into hiring them.

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@Keitha313 @crazeon Not to mention the massive world, which I think is bigger than Skyrim's (I could be wrong, of course).

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This is in no way related to the video, but maybe somebody can help me. I don't particularly like my current username, so I decided to create a new account since you can't change the name of an existing account. However, when I completed the registration my username appeared in all lower case letters, although I'm certain that I wrote it with the first letter capitalized. I'm okay with not having the letters "ē" and "ū", but I really want my name to start with a capital letter. Could this be a one time glitch, or has the same thing happened to anyone else?

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@Zombie97 Zombie97 is what it's coming up as on my screen, with a capital Z. Hope that helps.

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Actually Morrowind is the game I'd like to see remade the most. I'm very happy that such a large group of fans are doing it, but it would be nice to get an official remake from Bethesda themselves for PC and consoles, maybe they could just hire those guys. I highly doubt it'll happen though :(

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This feels like a generation of remasters. Guess I don't blame them must be easier to make money that way than create good original games.

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@chrisb2313 It definitely is a risk thing they look at. Re-masters are typically lower risk (lower capital investment, fan base already there) and with so many of the new IP AAA games lately tripping and falling flat on their face I can see why re-masters seem to be more common these days. It makes me a little sad because I think it will mean we won't see as many new IPs in the AAA space. Just Land Before Time like sequels on the already succesful franchises (AC, CoD - how many sequels do they have now?) I remember when AC was supposed to be a trilogy......

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@chrisb2313 Nintendo has made a crap-ton of money on re-releases that aren't even remastered. It's a good business model. New IP at AAA size can make or break even the largest gaming companies.