GS News - Tons of Metal Gear Solid News, and Fallout 4 Will Be Huge

Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC will be released earlier than expected, although MGS: Online will not launch with the game on any platform; and a Fallout developer has played for over 400 hours and is still finding new things.

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Please stop pushing pre-orders.

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Very nice show guys! Cheers Mary and Chris!

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Kuck Fonami. Long live Fallout!

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Chris always comes off to me as that annoying, try-hard wannabe that just seems more awkward than funny, but this kinda made me chuckle. Who knows, maybe it was just the pretty face narrating the video that put me in a good mood.

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Prefer Mary to Jess... Jess seemed, robotic lately. (at lack of better words)

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How about we have Mary and Jess do this show together from now on??? :o)

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So tired of seeing Jess on the front of Gamespot everyday with the same terrible blank stare/smile. thank you for the change-up for once

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@solidsolo: U mad brah. take ya meds! yer tu meen.

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Can you be less pretty? you're distracting me from the news. Thanks

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Such a better presenter! I am a Aussie, but still thought your voice was much easier to listen too!
Jess cant hide the fact she is reading.... Just saying..

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Please replace Jess and I'll come back every day...

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Mary, you have my heart.

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NFS !! I luv editing the car in the garage, one of my favorite parts. Hope its got a kick ass soundtrack, and that it is so fast its confusing. i can handle fast, but not super lightning fast mode. Kish, look forward to more videos, your very natural and good on cam. Cheers!

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Mary Kish~<3

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NFS is too fast ? than COD and Assassin Creed must be lightspeed

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Can they just have Jess take off from work...permanently? The only reason I watched the News was because I noticed it wasn't her hosting the News. Please GS, more new people like this...who sound and act professional to put it nicely.

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@klugenbeel: Yes! I second this!

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@teufelherz: Third

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@julienz15: count me in

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Metal Gear Solid will be optimize very good at launch that mean they work good

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Mary Kish, toads a keeper. I hope she doesn't disappear (still, we miss you too jess)

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Hey Gamespot. Find a regular show for Mary Kish. She is awesome!

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400 hours? -_^

Sounds like the kind of statement marketing would cook up to hype up a game.

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@turtlesintime: Yeah, I took it to mean there are (custom) weapons he hasn't seen yet. Otherwise, it would just be stupid.

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Yay, a Mary Kish news week! Full of great news sandwiches.

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I like Jess, but Mary does fun news.

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...I already got Ground Zeros for free thru PSN+

Personally, I liked the car physics in The Run. QTE's, the scripted car spawning and the excessive load times, sucked, though.

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Most fun I've had watching GS News in a while.

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Great to see you again Mary! it's gonna be a great week then, : - )

When a job becomes a prison, then it's time to get out, and that's what it seems it's becoming for Kojima staff at Konami....

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Chris's disguise is second to none !

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Konami sounds like an absolutely wonderful company to work for! Where can I apply for a job?

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Somebody should make a movie called "Need for Kish", starring Mary Kish as Mary Kish.

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Is there any black people in Australia?

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@VandersonAssis: of course, it was mostly a prison settlement in the beginning after all. jk.

yes, there are black people everywhere, and Australia is very diverse. don't know why, i heard it's raining spiders over there.

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Konami what is going on?, the things i'm reading and hearing are crazy right now.....get your shit together.

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@vexxouds: No worries. I'll send your comment to our executives in Konami right away. Please hold on a moment sir.

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@vigariox: Vigariox you deserve a raise! Now why can't we get more people like you that handle task asap in a timely fashion.

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@vexxouds: Just doing my job sir.

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I'm definately keeping the pre-order of MGSV, despite what is happening. Kojima and staff put their soul into the game. And MGSV could be the next game of the decade. Too good to pass. But my Konami purchases will stop after that.

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Nice monkey!

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Marry should host more news, just saying. I find her hosting to be more fluent and fun, and Less robotic (no offense Jess).

So yeah, News should be fun to watch this week.

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Kojima...I like you as a developer ,but I'm not giving Konami one red penny ! sure million will buy this game and I'm just one person...but I hate the way you treated Kojima and now your employees ?!...F*U KONAMI.

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Konami employees who break the rules are forced to watch the Windows 10 baby commercial every time they launch an app.

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@SingletreeAve: lol ..*liked*

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@SingletreeAve: lol

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Chris Watters in the back with a mustache, loved it!

Metal Gear News aren't news anymore, but still awesome!

Konmai news sounds really bad, but are they bogus or real? Any SOLID (pan not intended) evidence?
Great work Mary, nicely delivered !

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