GS News - The Witcher 3 set to be 20% bigger than Skyrim

Cam and Martin talk us through the Witcher 3 announcement. Get ready for an open world 20% larger than skyrim and a more personal story for Geralt.

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You haven't even played the damn game. Why report on it?

You gave it away when you mispronounced his f@#king name.

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So much hype for this game... hope it turns out well. removing that irritating sword switching mechanic from the last two would be a good start

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A square that's 20% larger is only 9.54% longer on a side...

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well skyrim was big and empty and its size was the reason so many casuals got into it"OMG IT TAKES MORE THAN 100 HOURS TO FINISH SO IT MUST BE A GOOD GAME"they cant understand that quantity doesnt equal quality,they just want to be fed randimly generated fetch and steal quests to play till the end of time

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@Hate_Squad i dont agree, want to find an empty and big sandbox? play gta 5 cant do anything there the word loot dont exist there and the story is beyond crap, though this looks much better than skyrim i think this is a lil bit rpg hardcore skyrim was more friendly and casual though still fun, and thats good because we wont have a community full of rat kids with their pointless funny wannabe videos

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@Hate_Squad i played skyrim whole year, must be over 600 hrs.. your comment is invalid.

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@Hate_Squad I have agree with U there. I gave up.

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check my narration on witcher 3 story...

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I enjoy Bethesda Games since Morrowind, i like the engine (even with bugs), like the freedom, the open world, but Witcher 2 is awesome. The action, the story, the combat, everything is great, if they manage to do make a open world with freedom like Skyrim, then im sure its going to be one of the best RPGs made.

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@MarxMods You my friend, are a badass.

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20% bigger, huh? Okay, but will it be 20% co-

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great news now release part 2 on the ps3 please...

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Imo the first game was actually a better play just because of the feeling and larger amount of unique enemies, to be exact the bestiary in witcher 1 is totaled at 76 and witcher 2 it's only 32.

If the upcoming game is as big as they say it is! Then we could hopefully see witcher where it deserves to be, redefining rpg's for the next generation.

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skyrim's combat was so clunky and easy and stupid and boring. looking forward to this tho, witcher series is one of the few rpgs these days to retain their difficulty and the combat is no exception imo

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maybe i should freeze myself until 2014?

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Holy sh!t Batman and Robin!

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Open world? Inspired by Skyrim? 20% bigger world? Damn...CDPR seems to have an uncanny knack for knowing what we gamers want. How can you do anything but root for these guys?

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@shantd I buy their games, we're both happy!

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bought witcher 2 for my pc first could barely run it so i bought it for the 360, just built a new rig with 3770k 32gigs ram and a gtx 680 cant wait to see what it looks like no more 20-30fps, it only supports dx9 I think could be wrong, this and metro were the 2 most taxing games i have on pc. Cant wait for 3 its looking very promising

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You should donate 28gigs of your RAM to poor people because you won't be using it.

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@lindallison @blkgsr Indeed. I build my PC with 8GB RAM and never reached its max with any game, even using some softwares all opened at the same time, never reached 8GB. Don't know why people expend in so much RAM to not use it.

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@blkgsr What are you gonna do with 32 gig ram?

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@blkgsr wow, what an overkill.

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Skyrim's size isn't what made it awesome. It's what you could do, how you could get lost in the world. The witcher's narrative is good, do i care about the world though? We will see.

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CDP's tight writing in a more open world could be a great combo. If anything the game could be more true to the Witcher lifestyle then the first two.

I mean these guys wander around looking for problems to solve, in the inital two titles Geralt was railroaded into a very focused series of events.

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@Janpieterzun Well sure that's true that it's not size alone that makes Skyrim's world so impressive, but the size, scale, and scope of the world is indeed one of its major appeals. It's the reason why you routinely hear people say that they've sunk 300 hours into the game.

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my brain just had sex with itself

its like the best of skyrim and the best of witcher morph into a god like creature

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Great news, really looking forward to it!

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what isn't the wii u high end..... haha

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There'd better be enough content to justify the size of the world of TW3! This sounds incredibly ambitious!

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I peed a little.

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**** fast travel. I love explore :D but my pc will not able to run Witcher 3 uhh I'll have to buy

xbox or ps

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Damn it. I wish i worked at gamespot.

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The Witcher 3 set to be 200% better than Skyrim

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Ive been waiting for this announcement! great news

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how can you complain about this.

even if you didn't like skyrim, it has offered possibly the most immersive world in gaming history, if CDred manges to merge that with the great story and gameplay of the witcher series then we're getting an RPG that makes skyrim dark souls and the witcher seem like shit.... that's how good it will be if they nail it and they certanly can.

this is officialy my most anticipated game in my gaming life :D

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@evil-zodiark I Loved Skyrim...the vast world and the immersion....But my greatest complaint would be how very little dialogue and variety the characters had...If only the characters had flavor and variety to DragonAge:Origins,...It would have been Complete.....I think Skyrim lost out on a great opportunity to become a Complete RPG.....The Great mods kind of make up for it to an extent,......

If the Witcher3 could be modder friendly and we get half as many mods for it as skyrim, then BANG, stands a great chance of becoming a complete RPG..(one that has a vast open world and richly flavored characters that inhabit it....)....and mod support for the time to come.....i think I would be playing it for life.....My only death wish would be to see the great world of The Witcher 3 in first-Person view ! Ah ! What a sight it would be !

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I don't really see why it wouldn't come out for PS4. Just because it hasn't yet means nothing. 1 was PC only and then they brought 2 to Xbox as well. And given that they said "all high-end platforms", it's at least plausible that they'll have been working on a PS4 version.

Also, why does everyone seem to think that comparing map size and open-world feel with Skyrim automatically means comparing story, complexity, and lore as well?

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@Mariner32 More freedom is always more favorable.

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@LocoBaxter @Mariner32 I disagree. I stoped playing SKyrim after about 25 hours because nothing I did mattered. So I would do a quest for this faction, sure why not? Okay, done. Now I'll go and do some shit for these people. Does it have an impact at all? No. It gives me the choice to do what I want, but unless there is a reason for me doing it besides "I want to do this for these people" then it just gets boring imo.

The world of Skyrim is amazing though. Walking around looking at the mountains and creeks was just fantastic! And that music in the background made it all soo much better!

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Skyrim wasn't that big. How about making it 20% bigger than Daggerfall :P

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@vihazur So you mean they should make like 2 square miles worth of hand made content and produce an engine that would cover houndreds of thousents square miles with copy/paste landscape and villages? Sure, I guess they could do that if they wanted to...

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@vihazur How about not to expect an elder scroll game but The Witcher 3 with everything same as that of fantastic withcer saga and huge map to make it even better .?

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@vihazur And how many discs would you like that massive game on, 7?

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The subtitle of the game is *The wild-hunt*...Amazing! The Witcher 3 might be the best in its series. I just hope my computer will be able to run this masterpiece of a game.

Also a side note: I don't even care if the game will be twice the land Skyrim is I for one will play the Witcher 3 for the story.

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Martin's arms and body keep moving throughout the video, looks like he's having a wank. Cam doesn't seem to mind though :O

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