GS News - Steam Machine images appear, Half-Life 3 would not be exclusive

Valve state that they won’t make exclusive games for Steam OS while also releasing images for their Steam Machine prototypes, and Infinity Ward attempts to ease concerns over CoD: Ghosts being only 720p on Xbox One.

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hilarious blooper! 1020p LOL!

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720p to 1080p to the human eye is sooooooo Not much of a big deal at all ppl! Please give us/yourself a break and move on!

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@McGuirex3 It depends on screen size for me. On my titchy 20 inch in my bedroom standard def looks fine e.g. DVDs or something. HD look flawless but when you are just watching a TV program or something it makes next to no difference.

HD on my 32 inch TV in the living room looks flawless also but standard starts to look pretty shabby in comparison. Because of the size.

But unless you put two games right next to one another on two identical screens you aren't going to notice a difference. Unless you play with your nose against the display that is. Or have some way of flicking between the two really quickly which most normal people don't.

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@McGuirex3 But it is, at least when it comes to video games...unless your screen is made of shit.

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steam machine specs with gtx 770 is what i expected xbox one (without kinect) to be.

can't wait, gonna be awesome!

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bad call... HL3 needs to be exclusive for the platform to make a big splash !

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@diabolik_023 ALL exclusives are anti-consumer nonsense to help push consoles onto people that wouldn't otherwise buy them. Assuming you don't represent a console manufacturer and are a consumer like the rest of us, why on earth would you suggest such a thing?

I blame the schools........

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@diabolik_023 i agree.

half life 3 steambox exclusive = 35 million counterstrike players who will finally upgrade from a 9800gt = win for steam and pc gamers in general

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@buccomatic @diabolik_023 I disagree. Like many, I have been patiently awaiting the release of Episode 3 / HL3, however I won't buy a console for a single game or any exclusivity.

To make it exclusive, is to go against every intention Valve has demonstrated about the Steam Machine being open to mod/hack etc.

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If the Steam Machine controller really does play that well, it might actually be successful.

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@jimdove2 @Trickymaster I'd like to think my PC looks pretty sexy. :P

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Hey Jess cool shirt where did you get it?

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Jess McDonell is hot! :)

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I really wan't to try that controller! It's nice to see something different from the analogue stick.

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@nl_skipper same here

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"Call of Duty: Dogs" Haha...nice one, Jess :)

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They would lose money of HL3 was exclusive.

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Valve isn't dumb enough to do exclusives. We aren't talking about Nintendo here...

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God dammit I want that t-shirt, Jess!

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Call of Duty Dogs.... Sounds Legit that runs at 1020 Resolution... Hi Jess =)

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hi jess how ya doing good work at the weekend all the best x

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And get some sleep. Let next news be three minutes of Jess sleeping. :)

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Call of Duty: Dogs makes a lot of sense actually. I mean, it's the one with the dog, right? They've made that a selling point, so why not. Perfect informal name anyhow. Playing CoD: Dogs on Xbone. :)

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@Northuz cant wait for team dog match

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I wish its exclusive for PC only :D

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Moonshiners, is that a cool new Roleplaying Game?

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COD dogs was actually a better name for the game. :D

I thought Jess would get a break after that marathon. But she didn't.I am impressed.

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Not getting Call Of POOPIE but yeah you have to be nuts not to get it on PS4 if you are getting both consoles.

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I am all for CoD DOG getting his own game.

Btw the sound volume was slightly off in the video. Music was too loud and Jess was too quiet. Could barely hear what she said.

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Love the bloopers. Get some sleep

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lol, "Call of Duty: Dogs"


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ha ha ha 720p on the most expensive next gen console. Steam seems to get it right a costumizable console is what the market needs, if steam abolishes the monthly subscription nonsense i will be purchasing it.

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Call of Duty: Dogs is a much better name.

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Loved the bit at the end Jess

If I do play COD Ghosts it will be on PC when it's released.

Anything valve does seems to be a winner. I think the steam box will be great

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Valve doesn't care about exclusives on there system they just want everyone to play the great games being made no matter what system you own.

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I'm curious. What was Ed doing?

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@crix01 Laughing my ass off.

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Welcome Back.

Ill be getting both console variants. Ill make the assessment myself.

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@mystic_knight WTF?! Mystic_Knight I remember you as a mod in the 72hr stream but Jesus Christ!! Are you a Professional Model?? (I would not be surprised). Someone get this woman in FRONT of the camera

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@Goobshoeriot @mystic_knight T_T Im a guy... The girl in the pic is a korean singer.

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@mystic_knight @Goobshoeriot *Facepalm* Shame...

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Call of Duty: Dogs at the end LOL XD, Jess you need another appointment with the pillow, you've earned it after the amazing stream.

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Jess you are looking bit tired today.. what's going on ?? Is it 50 hour stream or something more. :P

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CoD Ghost XBOX 1 all the way. Its all about the network, and live is hands down a better network.

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@maddog724 I agree right now live is better, but with next gen and sony making people pay for online they should be able to put that money towards getting the PSN network up to par with Xbox Live. I don't think we will be able to tell the difference between the networks soon.

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Jess McDonald in my opinion used to be a 6/10, nowadays I think she's an 8. Either she got cuter, or I've just been watching this show too much.

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@saadomar Who the hell is Jess "McDonald"?

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@Kuckies @saadomar Ronald McDonald's sister.

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@saadomar or perhaps you got uglier and your scale curve went down.