GS News - Star Wars Battlefront’s Boba Fett And Han Solo Nerfed; No EA Booth At E3!

Capcom explain why Street Fighter 5 has toned down the sexualisation of its female characters, and EA is changing up their E3 approach!

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It's just like an Ono to take something away from the fans.

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The Street Fighter situation is a case of your damned if you do, damned if you don't. I don't know why they don't just put an explicit content tick box in the settings menu. Set it to off as standard, and then those that like to drool over digital caricatures of women can get what they want as well as pleasing the people who don't want to see that sort of content in their games. Similar to how Brutal Legend, just before Eddie swears for the first time. The game pauses and asks if you want the explicit language uncensored or censored.

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I approve of the shirt!

OT I find it interesting that EA is doing its own thing. Seemed like a couple years ago their E3 events were next to nothing. Its wild to see them go from Inquisition music to a whole multi day event.

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I like all the jokes people are making about how not dangerous Boba is in the movies anyway :).

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More importantly than all the news above, isn't Ed competing in the Rocket League tournament today? Cause I def plan on watching that :P

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@Pawfalcon: :(

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Don't care about Evil Arts. :P