GS News - Respawn Responds! + Sim City Finally Has Real Single Player?

Today we hear back from Respawn Entertainment about 6v6 multiplayer concerns and how Sim City will finally be offline. Also Sony and Microsoft sound off about hardware in the present and future.

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Is that the Gamespot library you're in or did you go to a local Gamestop to film this? That is a lot of games.

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Chris Watters is a natural

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I really liked the 2 cents bit. I just bought a vita today haha.

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I plan to buy a Vita, but I am working on upgrading my PC, also getting a PS4 comes before it. So eventually... I'd be mostly depending on PS+ for Vita games though.

PS. Chris is a cool guy :)

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If more players didn't mean more fun MMOs would have never been created. However, for shooters I think beyond 32 players there's really no change except in tactics.

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@krypticlynx u know a comment like that would end up on feedbackula

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Please we want Chris watters full time

also i am planning to get a vita soon once they have more exclusive games

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Hey Chris, nice to see you doing the news again :)

Actually, I have 3 Vitas; an original black vita, Assassins Creed Liberation III White Vita and I recently bought the Tearaway bundle which comes with a download code for Tearaway, Little Big Planet Vita and a 16GB memory card. I also bought a physical copy of Tearaway separately which came with the Jukebox DLC pack and a Tearaway Sackboy Keyring :)

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haha @Chris_Watters throwin his 2 cents in. love it.

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When are they going to take Diablo 3 Offline! Just let me play sp without all the hoops to jump through. Please!

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I play my Vita a few times a week, same as 3DS. I keep them in my work bag and play during lunch or, if i'm out with the missus shopping, while waiting in the car or even on those comfortable couches outside of the Kohls dressing rooms. The Vita covers the console quality games as well as the indie stuff while 3DS obviously allows me to play Nintendo's mostly excellent selection of games.

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I know it is a bit unrelated, but I'd like to know what you think:

So basically, I pre-ordered my PS4 from Amazon UK - I say pre-order because it is out of stock world-wide, including the UK and US Amazons.

At the moment, it is late - no PS4s arrived to stock - (they were suppose to arrive 2-3 days ago) - so I have time to cancel my order if I wish to:

Here is the thing - I bought mine for 385 GBP + 25 shipment + 107 import fees handling. BUT because I receive a 16% discount from Amazon UK - the price was 330 GBP more or less and the total amount I paid was 435 GBP. Is that reasonable? worth the price?

Also I am really worried that new versions of PS4 will come out just around the corner: such as PS4a with better reliability and less broken-console chance or a PS4 Super-Awesome-Slimmy version. Or better cooling version... or double performance version lol...

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@GunEye i'm an xbox guy but this is what I would say anyways

I don't know the exchange rate, but if its anything like it was when I went to London years ago then 400 GBP is close to 700USD, and that's outrageous here in the states but there I don't know, inflation, exchange, import, etc.

second, worth the price, that's up to you. if your happy to pay that and your happy when you get it. its worth the price. people think 500 USD for the Xbox one is crazy. But I couldn't be happier with my XBO so I don't care what they say.

third, Sony isn't Apple, there wont be a PS4s, or PS4a, or PS5 next year. give it 4-5 years and then they will maybe show a smaller version.

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@mcmflyguy@GunEye thanks for the reply dude. So according to google: 453 GBP (the price I paid) is 745 $.

So yeah, it's a lot. But I am in Israel, and in fact it is slightly lower than what I would get here - one day, when it arrives to this place lol.

Also I have pre-ordered the Killzone Bundle. So 453 GBP including Killzone Shadowfall. So that's a small plus.

yeah... 107 import fee deposit is crazy (basically Amazon paying for all VAT+customs import fees when it arrive to Israel). I actually think that 107 is slightly lower that it should be, which is about 30%. YEs we pay about 30% extra for order goods. And the price in Israel for hardware usually multiplies sevenfold or tenfold in the end. so it isn't a shock if a PS4 costs 800 $ or 1000$ for an XB1

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I'll get Vita at some point, I just hope can get my hands on one with OLED screen. I'm used to it on my phone, anything below that sucks (3ds screen is crap).

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Much better than Jess. Please stay permanent!

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@ivanrdz005 Pfft! Jess's caustic humor is top shelf. Not that Chris is bad. But replace Jess? You're talking crazytalk.

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@ivanrdz005 Yes it's way easier to listen him, but I rather look Jess instead. What about Jess on camera and Chris doing VO. Too expensive? I don't care either way, just give me teh news.

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@ivanrdz005 Unlike

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I have a Vita and love it. I do kind of wish there were a few more games out for it but it isn't half bad for me at the moment since I don't play it as often as someone else might. I tend to play it in large stints. Normally over the summer when I've not got anything better to do. Final Fantasy I - X will keep me going for a hell of a long time yet.

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Nice job, Chris, thought I already miss Jess.... ;)

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Hey @Chris_Watters ! Great job!

I was wondering how many games there are in the collection there behind you. Does Gamespot have a count for the number of games they just have on hand? FUN FACTS :D

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@Avemaster94 Thanks! As for the number, jeez, I don't think we have a solid count. Those rows are all Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube games, so I'd say easily in the thousands.

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@Avemaster94 @Chris_Watters That'd be fun to know, I bet it's more than I have >_>

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People spend too much time on Facebook.

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I'm playing FF7, Silent Hill, Vagrant Story and MGS in my cell phone.

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@andres_ak47 i bet you are frustrated by now due to awful touch screen control.

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@LJNkickstarter @andres_ak47 Especially for Silent Hill and the tank controls. That game is hard to control with an actual controller.

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@Dannystaples14 @LJNkickstarter @andres_ak47 is not a problem. it's hard for some GBA games.

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I like Chris, he looks like a nice person.

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@Diegoctba Yeah but I find it difficult to pay attention because he doesn't have boobs.

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@ECH71 @Diegoctba

Well, i think he is cute....

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@Diegoctba @ECH71 Okay now you lost me.

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One day, the GS staff in SF will stop talking about Spelunky. It's gonna happen, I know it. .... It's gotta happen, I know it.

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@Afinati They did eventually stop talking about Vanquish. So I guess anything is possible...

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@Afinati Chanting a mantra won't make it so... chanting a mantra won't make it so... : )

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Of course if the game is designed well for 12 players then it should play well, but that doesn't mean it will be play the way people want or expected. Playing against only human opponents is probably what a lot of people like about multiplayer gaming. Having less humans and padded with AI is a different experience no matter how well they designed the game for it.

Having only 12 players doesn't automatically make the game bad, but it does "automatically" make it different, and so for those who were not expecting that, it's a legitimate gripe. It's easy to say well you can't complain till you play it, but then you could say that about any game or any major change, right? People will have to pay for this game :).

Vita, I might get one if it goes down to say $100 or so, but admittedly it would just be another of my pointless purchases. I almost never go anywhere outside my home where I want or need to play games. Sure there's the occasional waiting thing, doctor's office, some appointment, but those are better suited to simple mobile games I can play on my phone, which I rarely do anyway. If I got a Vita I would probably just mess with the interaction between it and the PS4, maybe someone will come up with some cool second screen functionality specifically for it.

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@hystavito I say we reserve judgment until the game is out, as this GS News suggests the dev will be open to change afterwards.

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I bought and sold a Vita last year. No regrets, glad I tried it and glad I sold it.

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That's a shame, games like Persona 4, Little Big Planet Vita and Tearaway proove the long term potential of the platform.

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HOLY DOVE!! Look at all those games!

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