GS News - PS4 Virtual Reality Headset + Who Thinks Fable 3 Sucked?!

Someone has it out for Fable 3, the PS4 virtual reality headset could be very near on the horizon, and what’s been happening in Japan?!

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Check out Angry Joe and 32 reasons why Fable 3 s*"** on youtube

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I don´t think Fable 3 sucked.

I know Fable 3 sucked.

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Wouldn't Jess be soo much hotter with makeup on?

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@DaGamer24-7 She's the beautiful and attractive woman there is, exactly the way she is.

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@DaGamer24-7 meh. She doesn't do much for me

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Fable 3 is not what we expected from the developers. Graphics are great but still they lack the depth in them, may be because of dull colours comparing to Fable 1, and I'm ready to dive into the world of games.

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Found Jess extra attractive in this video, but aside from that I hated Fable 3 and I'm not at all excited for Sony's virtual reality. It seems like a waste of money to me so far.

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The first Fable is still by far the best of the series. Fable 2 was just 'ok' and Fable 3 sickened me. Why don't I get badass horns and smoke and stuff emit from my character when you go evil? I don't know. Instead you just look undernourished.

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Chrome 33 on a Sony Xperia Tablet Z running Android 4.3 = No good still. Html 5 message is gone but there is now a play button on a black screen that I push but nothing happens.

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enjoyed fable 1, hated fable 3, didn't get to play 2.

I believe anime like SAO helps the popularity of VR.

VR could be cool in the long run, initially probably not.

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Holy poo! Mother-base management in 'The Phantom Pain'?!!! There goes another 70+ hours of my life!!! Not sure whether to be happy about this and thank Kojima or curse him! Loved the system in 'Peace Walker' though I probably won't have the patience to dedicate so many hours again this time, still hopefully it's the same or similar, it's nice to have something like that to extend the life of games, especially if it will be as much of a joy to play as 'Peace Walker' was.

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Hi! It has been a looooooooooooooooong tim since my last login here, so...

HI to the ever-lovely Ms. Jessica McDonell, and also to EVERYONE!

Hey, @diegoctba? Where art thou? ;DDDD

PS4 is clearly winning, but XBONE can do something about it. And WiiU? Nah ;D

Fable 3 is good, but I hope Microsoft Game Studioscan work on it more. I wanted some Fable 2 features back!

Japan is still the land of the rising RPG games, right?

It is nice to be back, again! ;DDDD

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Oh, I'll let you know ;)

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Classic Molyneux. Before the game releases "it will be the biggest revolution in gaming history", after the release "it was a horrible piece of s ... erm junk"

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I personally enjoyed Fable III, even though it almost forced you in to a "be a jerk and save lives" or "be a nice guy and everyone dies" ending. There were ways to save everyone and be a good guy, but it took a very long time of collecting money off rent/pie making.

I don't though believe it was the horrible product that some people think, I understand Molyneux's comments because he's the creative mind. But then again, I can't imagine anyone that was transforming a script to a movie/video game that was 100% satisfied with the outcome.

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I will not get any of the MGS. If I wanted a cinematic experience, I'd go to the movies.

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@qualopec_1 In Metal Gear Solid 4, you can bypass the cinematic scenes, by pressing, if I remember correctly, either the square or select buttons (one of the buttons).

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shes llook kinda ok

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@megadisc lefty bigger than righty. She's cute.

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MSG The Phantom Micro Transactions is what it seems to be. =/

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@Metallicwolf29 "Im pumped for MGS and FF10 HD."

You're not alone mate, it will be a good month for my PS3, but games locked to a PSN account that require a subscription to access can kiss my fat one though.

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I enjoyed all the fable games.. an enjoyed the 3rd one, it try'd to be a big adventure but fell short really fast!! i think 3 wasn't easy enough for most people!! since the first one was so easy a 4 year old could play it.. i guess thats what people missed!

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Jess, I'm so sorry. I didn't hear a word you said. I was consentrating on your beautiful hair.

Can I take you out for a nice dinner and wine then we can game? I promise I'll let you play with my joystick..

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@los101278 Not funny

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I don't like the idea of VR sets. Never used one, but i don't like the idea of not being able to see reality with some big bulkly shit over my head. What if someone breaks into my house and steals everything, or maybe kill me because i couldn't see because i was playing a stupid video game?

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Dude!! Really? Really? Do you live in the projects? You should check it out first before you bash it.

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@los101278 its a T.V you wear on your head. imagine wearing 1 for a few hours, you'll be fed up of it it no time. the weight. the inconvenience of not been able to see the real world around you, maybe you want to game for 15 mins before work and keep an eye on clock or what ever. not to mention any weight it has straining your neck long term, it doesnt have to be heavy to do that lol. what about 2 player games like fifa, its one of the games biggest things for me i have 4 mates who play it, they come round every few weeks n we have a beer n a few games. your back to square 1 on you t.v anyway. Its just not a practical idea. it sounds star trecky as tho its the future. really its a T.V you strap to your head where the screen is an inch away from your eyes lol but people will be expect VR like you are the character and that aint gonna happen by wearing a T.V on your head, VR is more than having a screen this close, its not like you will be walking around as tho you are the character yourself. so i dont get it. its a t.v, you wear on your head wtf, let me walk into a game myself then tell me you've bought out VR

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VR would be awesome if it was light weight enough. AC5 maybe set during the civil war or old west? I wish devs would be allowed time enough finish their games and be happy with the finished product before releasing them. We'd see alot less uncompleted and buggy games that way. Publishers are so quick to make a buck that they rush out uncompleted games and I could see that pissing developers off.

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I do not think VR headsets are going to go over. people already do not want to wear glass's to watch 3D tv VR headsets are heavy and bulky plus the headphones you have to wear. I do not think the gamers are going to buy it.

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i will buy VR if they let me play game like SAO or .HACK (excluding the part that im dead if dying in-game) :D

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Bring back the good old GS website please

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@mediarays Yes they are ruining GS and not only GS there are many going in the name of next-gen

MS ruined Windows with 8

Rockstar with Max payne 3

Apple mavericks sucks

Skype sucks and i miss msn messenger

New yahoo mail terrible

Battlefield 4 - blame it on EA

Google ruined youtube with g+ - who wants Google plus?

and more ..

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@RockingSt4r I'm glad I'm not the only who hates the new Yahoo! Mail.

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@mediarays I second that!

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I hear what you say...I understand everything must change, it's a natural thing, but Gamespot 2005-2008 was unique.

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ps4 out of stock lol? go online youll find 1, even tesco has them in stock. VR set will never work, it may come n go but at the end of the day its not vr. your wearing your T.V on your head, you friends wont be able to see whats going off.

Fable 3 sucked ass loved the original and never played number 2

why have gamespot taken down the story about sony selling tokyo HQ due to massive losses again??

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@kovaras1984 Because it is their OLD tokyo HQ.Why don't you read a little more.

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1. Well can't be as bad as Kinect I mean that thing is required with consoles. Leats this one is an option. Maybe a good one. We shall see. =)

2. Found mine in Kokomo Indiana thank heavens. VERY happy buyer btw....

3. *Twirls fingers* whoop de do.

4. Only really played the first one but I liked it far bteter than when I tried 3 for free.

5. Um ok? Since we don't know what any of that means it's a shrug. Was going to get the game regardless but only because I have been without a good new MGS since PS2 days.

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Fable 3 was short, too easy and that butler soliciting DLC to you is ridiculous. It sucks for 60$ but if one finds it in the bargain bin for 5-10$ its worth picking up.

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VR has a lot to prove so far. Sure everyone says it is awesome when they try it but hardly anyone has ever owned one.

Having a blast on one at someone's house is normally a bit different to living with it.

Like me, my PC can't even run at 1080p and 60fps which means if I got an Oculus Rift it would likely look and run like shit. Not exactly making me want to run out and buy one this second.

Not only that I've never had an issue getting immersed into games on a 2D screen before. Which means paying $300 for a headset that will be used for the odd game at the start will be a little steep.

Especially considering the number of games that say they have VR compatibility are few and far between and largely crap.

If Sony's headset is anything less than the full cost of the PS4 I'll be totally and utterly shocked.

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@Dannystaples14 Just get a job and earn some money.

While its rather silly that Sony is coming out with a VR headset that its newfangled gaming console could barely drive, let alone deliver resolutions and FPS high enough to satisfy modern gamers stereoscopic 3D virtual reality is the future of gaming but is going to cost you for the headset and the hardware to drive the display.

Then again, I likely have more invested in my sound system then you did on your entire sub 60FPS playing PC.

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@Dannystaples14 $300 theres 2 up on sonys web site atm both like 1200 pounds!!

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@kovaras1984 @Dannystaples14 those are 3d personal viewers, something completely different. You shouldn't be online mate.

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@kovaras1984 Yeah Oculus have said they want to try and put their headset on sale for about the same price as the dev kits currently which is $300.

If Sony can match that I'll literally turn inside out.

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I was trying to convince my friends that Fable 3 sucks like since forever. Angry joe on his channel was saying the same thing. so. Duh.

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@mathi4s lol angry joes 32 reasons fable 3 sucks is 1 of funniest vids hes every done, gets like 9 mins into video and he comes out with 'reason number 2' after 9 odd mins of angry ranting

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Not interested in virtual reality headsets. Not a big fan of the Fable series. I played the first one and wasn't too thrilled. Metal Gear=drool

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