GS News - Phantom Pain Update Alters Story; Black Ops 3 Makes $500 Million!

Steam Machines hit shelves, Metal Gear Solid V gets a big patch, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the “biggest entertainment launch” of the year!

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That story thing was BS to begin with but still not as much BS as the BS in the way Konami has been pushing micro-transactions with this game.

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how did I not know about this MGS change?

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MGO and the FOB's are just terrible. Why people should have been forced to make an FOB where our stash can go only for someone to steal it while you've been away working, holiday, school etc is just bad.

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I dont really care for multiplayer so if I were to buy the new blackops I would play only for the single player. However, hearing its only 5-6 hrs instead of their bold claim that it would be a 15hr campaign makes me not want to throw money at it

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I'm not a CoD fan but if I had friends who played it I'd probably give it a chance. I only have one friend that there's any chance of playing any game with and he's pretty much only into Destiny, which I tried to get into but I just couldn't.

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Contemporary war games are not my thing.