GS News - No Arma III campaign, L4D3 leak, PS4 + Vita for $500?

Arma III will be shipping without a campaign, L4D3 and Source 2 engine may be happening and would you buy a PS4 bundled with a Vita for $500?

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no i wouldn't get a ps4 and vita for $500, as no doubt that will translate to £500 here in the UK.

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ps4 + vita for 500 Dollor / Euro, sure for that price i'd get it, i'm sure the guys at playstation will use that vita for some games in one way or another so i think it's a good idea, ppl keep comparing ps4 to xbox 1, give it a break, no one cares, u either like ps4 or xbox 1, thats that. for me it's ps4 and i don't have to look any further, and i'm not gonna make a fuss why i'm not into xbox 1, whats the point, i'm just looking forward to next gen....

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I like XB 1, in fact, XB live, really. Why ? see below:

- XB live game and its online system is better, clearly.

- XB 1 will have more fun in living room via Kinect...No need to buy expensive smart TV equipped with normal camera but priced with 3 times higher than normal TV. XB1 will perform the incremental functions like internet, hand gesture, internet and so on....XB1 will do it better. This will be the end of expensive smart TV.

- Likely better cloud system...Microsoft knows this technology very well. This should be next area of competition. Doubt on Sony ability that is never strong on software and with cost cutting, loss and reducing headcount....It a problem to catch up.

- Install Kinect...Better game experience, better for game developers, for Kid and for my wife. Kinect technology is better than Eye from PS 4,too.

- Powerful OS inside....It is tweak version of Win 8. So, probably it may run Windows desktop software. Developers will probably launch many softwares after launching. Future is bright. Many developers who get familiar with win 8 code will find it comfortable to write software for XB1.

- Cable box inside....You can connect your cable box to XB1 and bypass menu to get interface of XB1....It is cool. You like it or not....Never mind, it just included. good hah. No need another port for your XB1 in your TV, too.

- More expensive than PS4 ?....Yes with Kinect installed. Anyway, it is cheaper than Iphone or its Sony flagship phone, though.

- Skype...You can play games without compromising to do more nice things in living room, watch TV and talk via Skype, too. Is it good ? I do not know. I know it is not bad at all to add this feature that PS4 cannot deliver.

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of course we would, silly question.

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Chance to buy easily in dollars would be a great thing, but the artificial dollar to pound translation makes the deal seem unlikely in the UK as $399 = £349 RRP so $500 = £449 RRP? So asked to pay $700 in UK (real pound to dollar conversion). Not such a great deal...imo.

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if thats true id be down for that really good deal .

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Half Life 3 Confirmed! It's official i heard it from Jess's mouth! ( perhaps i was being a lil optimistic, i did tend to hear a bit of sarcasm :/ )

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officially declared war, that's a good one lol

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No Arma III campaign! Now they can spend those otherwise wasted resources to make a fantastic multiplayer experience-- not that I'm ragging on Arma II's campaign...

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Well, it's not worth pushing back the entire game's release date...

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The Vita is expected to play a Big role with the PS4. so if you have the two you can play the games that you have on the PS4 on the road.

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Sony might be on to somthing here. I would rather buy a PS4 + Vita for 500 over a xbox one for $500 w Kenict!

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I'd be totally down for getting the Vita with the PS4 for 500. I still would probably hardly play the Vita, but 100 for that system sounds a lot more enticing than 300. My luck will be that it'll be the standard Wifi model though...but I'll take what I can get at this point.

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I have a Vita already, IF this rumor is true it would be nice to get more users on the handheld but Sony has to do their part in releasing more content on it. There aren't many 'system sellers' on it.

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I have XB1 preordered and if PS4 came with a Vita for $500 I would be getting both.. I'm a fan of xbox but I don't bash PS.. Ive owned a ps3 and liked it. they are pretty much the same system but with different controllers.

you ppl that bash ms or sony are the reason gamers are looked at as childish and immature

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@xukxj0nny I'm not a PS or xBox fanboy, I'm a 100% PC gamer. I never owned a console [Honestly I really want one, but I can't afford it ...]

So purely objectively, I want to ask you this: Both consoles are very similar. the only significant difference that I know of is the Kinnect use [And personally I don't think it's an advantage, nor have I seen anyone refer to this as an advantage]. Then why in the world would you want to spend 100$ more on an xBox?

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@SrebX @xukxj0nny ok, its all about personal preference. first of all, I'm not rich or anything like that. I do have a full time job, a kid, and bills. so $100 is a lot to me. as far as the kinect, the first kinect i owned collected dust because my girl was to young to play. this new kinect may be great and it also may be a dust magnet. I have no expectations for it to be great or bad though.

for example, you and I are pc gamers. look at it this way. its the same reason you choose a evga GTX 670 over a asus GTX 670 or intel over AMD. Some will argue that one is better than the other, but to me they are just brands and I prefer Intel and evga because thats what I've used before. Now I'm not saying that I wouldn't get ASUS over evga if I was to run into a great deal. I also like Intel a lot better than AMD but I'm not going to bash AMD because its not for me. It may be a perfect fit for someone on a budget or someone who has had a great experience with AMD products.

I just don't understand why ppl bash Xb1, ps4, and PC's ... if its not for you then avoid it.

I was all for the DRM policies. PC gamers know about Steam sales. How cool would it have been to see sales like that on XB1? Probably wouldn't have happened at launch but it would have came sooner then later. It got changed and I didn't flip out and start bashing MS. Ppl wasn't ready for it on consoles, i get that. thats just my opinions man, i'm sure ppl disagree but your not gonna change anyone's mind by bashing them or the system they like

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@SrebX @xukxj0nny that is kind of what I'm saying. I like the controller and XB dashboard setup. thats why i'm getting Xbox1.

And I don't really think $100 is too much for personal preference. You might get a PS4 because its cheaper then regret not getting xb1 if that was what you wanted. Or you may love the ps4. If you want a xb1 save up and get it. if its ps4 then do that... its up to you, don't let anyone tell you one sucks and that you shouldn't get it.. because all your really getting is a different dashboad and controller. There are other differences but those TO ME are the biggest. LOL good luck in deciding

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@xukxj0nny @SrebX " Now I'm not saying that I wouldn't get ASUS over evga if I was to run into a great deal" - Thats pretty much how I see it.

You get pretty much the same thing, only with a 100$ price difference. so, as you described it, it's like getting an ASUS because you ran into a great deal, isn't it?

100$ is a lot of money, at least for me [but maybe it's just because my country is one of the priciest in the world... seriously, consoles cost twice as much here], so I really don't think personal preference or old habits are worth this amount of money

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@xukxj0nny I won't bash anything. I have a PC O:)

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@xukxj0nny FINALLY someone who is a fan of one console, but still can behave like an adult about it. thanks for making my day a little bit better.

i have to say i was getting pretty pissed about some previous comments, but i've made a point of not commenting on them anymore. but you sir, you get a 'like'.

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@monkeypukefight @xukxj0nny

for real. just because i'm getting a xb1 doesn't make it a better console. it just means its better for me. I know thats boring but people want to cry and complain about everything. yeah, my pc graphics are probably going to look as good if not better than the xb1 but I enjoy playing xbox with my friends. if all my friends played ps3, thats what i would probably be playing.i usually don't post either but dang these ppl complaining are killing me. LOL and ppl complaining about DLC. I'm happy to pay for DLC, it makes a game more playable after i've completed it. if the dlc was included with the original game then there would be nothing to look forward to. i don't see what the big deal is about a game company making money. If i owned my own company i'd want it to make as much money as possible and so would anyone else

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And the bundle would make me spend $500 bucks, NOW GIMME!

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Hah!! LOL... ROFL.. There is no way I'm buying the PS4 as of now.. Xbox One is a better choice... God knows what other bundles Sony is going to announce in the future.. Suppose - U buy the PS4 today, and sony releases a new one with, ummm, say a cool new colour series or a slimmer, sexier looking piece with a better storage capcity... Hmmmmmmmm o.O Watcha gonna do ?? LOL!

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@RazAlGhur It has a replaceable hard drive already. I need to stop feeding trolls...

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@750sho @RazAlGhur Oh.. i dint kno that :P haha! my bad.. o.O :v

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I will never buy sony crapstation. Xbox one for life

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ARMA 3 is a simulator at best. Gamers would be better off buying an actual video game.

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@Mr_BillGates and you'd be better off going back to your foo foo games made for little kids.

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IF I get this damn PS4 at launch and then they add this bundle 2 months later Ima be pissed.

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@quiksilvers123 I second that, I hope if they do it will be announced in time to change my preorder

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If I have the money and this rumor is true, I will actually buy 2 or 3 of the bundles. We have 5 PlayStation gamers in my house which would make for some really good times either at home or on the road.

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So I guess I'm getting a Vita+PS4 and an Oculus Rift in 2014.

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There is no way Sony would do that. If they did all Xbox One pre-orders would cease to exist............would be nice though.

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Not bad for $500 BUCKS !!!!!!!

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PS4 + Vita for $500? ... Checkmate!?

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a $100 vita is extremely tempting.

it would be a great move by Sony, as it would increase the userbase, attracting more devs to the system.

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she is cuter than Naomi kyle !!

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conveniently left open for perusal, talk about free promotion, oops we did it again...LMAO!

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Well that's not half bad. Looks like the Half life 3 is gonna be a Duke Nukem Forever story :P

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Nice offer from Sony, though I don't really know much about PS Vita's standalone games.

And I'm still waiting for Half-life 3, darn it :(

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Damnit! I bought the vita a few months ago in order to get a headstart with the ps4/vita combo's supposedly coming to ps4. Now they're giving it for $100 bux. Damn.. O well I paid $180 for the (cool) white version with need for speed, a grip, and a case. thanks craigslist!

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Arma campaign > ps4 + vita

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Valve is seemingly not interested in making Half Life 3 anymore. Their reputation as a good developer is almost based entirely on a 9 year old game. Everything after that are just expansions and/or mods. It's easy to maintain a steady reputation if you're basically not pushing for anything new. That's like if Naughty Dog laid low for 9 years after making Uncharted 2, or Rockstar, after GTAIII, and do nothing but release mods and half-games to show off their engine. Could it be that Valve knows they can't match Half-Life 2's success, and opted to just revel in past success?

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@jhcho2 I like Portal more than Half Life honestly.

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@jhcho2 because TF2, Portal, Portal 2, L4D, L4D2, CS:GO and Dota 2 never happened, right?

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@Sword-Demon @jhcho2

mods, mods and mods. Good games in their own right, but nothing fans or modders can't do themselves. All those game are easily a generation behind from a technical standpoint. As I said, Valve has found it to be easier to make mods than to release a new game, for which will be scrutinized heavily.

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@jhcho2 These "expansions and mods" as you put it are all great games in their own right... And have all been very successful. What you seem to have missed here is that valve have created a universe, not a single game and have every right and damn well should release other stories in the same setting.

But I tell you what I seriously doubt that the Portal series shipped 8 million units because of its loose ties to the HL universe. Hardly revelling in past success.

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L4D3 > ps4 + vita