GS News - Nintendo Switch Will Support 2TB Memory Cards; Won’t Replace 3DS!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has overtaken Infinite Warfare to regain the number ones sales slot in the UK, and Nintendo drops Switch expandable memory info!

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Yeah she's back !

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Jess looking gorgeous as usual!

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2 tb memory card? My computer hdd is 2tb.

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Why they insist on this "switch won't replace the 3DS" argument? At this point, people pretty much expect it to

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@edhc44: The 3DS is their cash cow, be pretty stupid to replace it with a system that's untested.

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@killercondoms: It would be stupid to kill it off right away, but eventually, that its fate. I mean, there won't be a 3DS sucessor and the thing is already 6 years-old. Unless they plan to pump games to the current hardware ad infinitum and it can go by with minor hardware updates (much like the first Gameboy), the Switch already will be there to take its place.

Picture that: the next major Pokemon, Monster Hunter games come out only on the Switch. People will flock in masses to the thing.

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@edhc44: That I can agree with, eventually they will move away from it but I am still skeptical about the Switch replacing it but I suppose time will tell.

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@edhc44:I hope they follow through with this, as the one gimmick Nintendo released that I love is the glasses free 3D screen. I only own a 3ds, and have easily spent over $1k for the different models I've owned (only 2 or 3), and all the games that I've bought for it. Nintendo would be a very incompetent business to cut off a revenue stream while it's raking in the dough. They have done some dumb things before, though, so I am not totally convinced of this, nor are others as you mention. However, people like me would love to keep buy New 3DS games, and I would consider owning both 3DS & the Switch once I determine the path Nintendo is taking with the Switch. If they force waggle on the Switch, yet they won't force 3D on DQVIII, Pokémon, Mario Maker, or any number of great games released on the handheld without the very feature the system is named after, then I would not buy a Switch just on principle.

If they let developers create what they want, & don't force them to use any of the Switch's unique features for multiplatform games, etc, then I will be more open With the last 2 gimmicky consoles, it seems any console specific features were just for a bullet point on the box art to claim a game had XYZ "Only on Wii or Wii U," so they could claim a semi-exclusive. They certainly never had any fully fleshed out ideas that a developer came up with on their own to build on top of an already great game, and more like suggestions Nintendo would have given the devs, which they reluctantly went along with. After I was mad for 3rd parties lack of support, and I looked into the reason why the support was lacking, I started to feel embarrassed for the 3rd party devs, but they finally said it wasn't worth it to port games to those systems.

I would get one on launch if they weren't sold out, just for Zelda (which both special editions are sold out for, also), then sell it if Ninty started making Wii like moves (where they think they were geniuses & can capture lightning in a bottle). They fail to understand that the Wii was swept up in Pop Culture, and just like everything in a similar fashion, it fades. It would take more than geniuses to capture lightning in a bottle for a second time. Ask Mariah Carey, is she so great she'll be on thr front page forever? Missy Elliott? Justin Bieber? Baha Men? Tag Team? All Pop Culture musicians who thought they were what made their careers so great. That is not the case, though. Nintendo was the first videogame company to have this happen, and they may deserve some credit from soccer moms & grandmas, but not from gamers. They abandoned us for some...nevermind. You get the idea. I really hope the limited number of Zelda SE & ME & Switch consoles doesn't mean that Nintendo hasn't learned any lessons. They help scalpers get rich, but the lifelong Nintendo fans are left out in the cold, with nothing unless they want to pay 3 times retail to get these items from people who couldn't even tell you what the 4 face buttons on the controller are labeled.

Nintendo continues to do this, and they never learn. They seem to want to show gamers how much we should want to play with others in the same room instead of online. That we should buy dolls or do without exclusive content, instead of just buying the content from them. That we don't deserve a console anywhere close to as capable as their competitor's systems that we own to get our money's worth. That we SHOULD pay much more for much less & be happy with it. I owned a launch 3ds & still feel the burn from Nintendo cutting the price ~32% only 3 months after release. Not a single game released worth playing so I had played it a total of maybe 2 hours at that point, but at least we got some VC games. I didn't buy a new system to play old games, but they didn't care. We were just the hardcore gamers. Nintendo seems to treat early adopters with indifference. The uncommitted grandmas & casual gamers were their bread & butter. That's who they were interested in. Are they still going after those people? That's what I need to know before I can get behind Nintendo 100% again. To be clear, the game development studios are not to blame. They are doing what they're told. It's the "brains" at Nintendo that decide what their R&D funds go toward & whether or not fans of Nintendo that are over 33-ish, who supported them since the NES, and have money of our own now, should be entirely ignored & dismissed.

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@twztid13: I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said except being sold on 3D alone, I myself don't find it appealing enough and I believe many others would agree.

My point is, at some point the 3DS will be old news. I mean, it has been 6 years since its release, and I don't know if they can manage to squeeze another hardware update to artificially increase the system's lifespan. We cannot know how much breath it still has in it but it has to give in, eventually. By then I think Nintendo will be slowly switching their core Pokemon games to... well, the Switch. I never got into Pokemon, I was about 13 when that started, but that surely is their flagship franchise in mobile gaming and Nintendo can say what they want, but the Switch is 50% mobile, 50% home console, don't give me that "first and foremost a home console" bullshit. Their fucking selling point is that gimmick for god's sake! If they reach Gamecube or N64-like numbers in the first couple of years with no Pokemon, I believe they'd take their chances. And then, Monster Hunter would follow.

I don't think they'd invest in P&D and marketing to a 3DS successor, which, for starters wouldn't even have 3D - as it was a early 2010's gimmick and not everyone is so keen of it - considering that it unknowingly will be already in people's homes.

But in the end of the day, Nintendo is Nintendo. It's like having Trump for president, you will never know what's gonna happen next.

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The triumphant return of GS News.

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Welcome back Jess. How are you?

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Should have just allowed us to use an external HD through the USB port, that is what I do with my XB1.

32GB isn't enough for updates and DLC purchases, let alone full digital games.

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@Nintendo_Man: agree but aesthetically gross having an external HD attached outside a console and besides that, the switch is meant to be also a portable imaging taking a lot of accessories with your on the I think 2tb (when available) will be more than enough if games like zelda can take from 12-15Gb of storage, means you can carry around 133 games with you, pretty NEAT!

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Good to see the daily news is back. Maaaan, that switch.... time will tell I guess.