GS News - New Nintendo Announcements; Total War: Warhammer leaked?

A PS4 and Xbox One mashup now exists in the world, Nintendo drops loads of news, and can we expect Total War: Warhammer?

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Those "console laptops" would be more impressive if they weren't big enough to basically hold the consoles as-is inside them.

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Sounds like it'll be a mobile Total War if you read the article shown in this video. Not a surprise since the Warhammer license seems to be whoring themselves out to anything these days, and TW doesn't seem to care too much about quality anymore either, so sad :(

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y'all realize that warhammer =/= warhammer 40k, right? there's no space marines

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Ha, I'd love to see how they intend to make a Space Marine chapter with just the 1000 men strong be viable against a horde of Orks and Nids or even Guards.

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@solid_snake1461: It's gonna be warhammer fantasy not 40k

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WHAAATTTT?! If you have the money and need for two consoles just buy them and connect them to your television. Why would anyone want both merged together with a dedicated screen is beyond me? Oh well, to each their own.

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Maybe if I could connect it to my TV instead that small screen, but I already got both consoles so I guess it doesn't matter. So no I wouldn't get one.

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The PlayBox is interesting but there's no way I'm going to pay for that nifty console amalgamation if it cost a lot more than the two of them individually. That's just silly. The only really good thing about it is that it's quasi-mobile.

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No I don't want a PlayBox. Its 2 low to mid tier PCs duct taped together. You could take the cost of both and build a better PC.

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No interest, if I want both I'll just buy both separately..that all in one thing would cost more than buying both separately. :P

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I bought my gf the WIIU, I have played the wii but never owned it. The system is nice, was quick and easy to set up, it can even sync with both your cable box and tv so it can be a backup remote of sorts, the WIIU gamepad. When playing games like the windwaker, you can tell the lack of power the system has by the fps drop during certain scenes. If you take a bomb plant and throw it into a group of them the fps drops into the 20 range, it's noticeable just from the screen slow down. The system is great and all, it has potential. They need to seriously buff the cpu and video capabilities along with the hard drive space. They should also allow customers to return and get a reduced price tag for an upgraded model.

For the total war game, I could never really get into that line of game. Too big for me. I prefer smaller engagements that allow me to better utilize my units abilities. The biggest flaw in modern strategy games, in my eyes, is that they feel bigger is better but don't try to revolutionize the base management and map management. So they still stick to mini maps, hot keys and macro maps. I just don't see much of anything new from the strategy genre.

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Er. Mah. GERD. Total War: Warhammer is what I've wanted since the first Total War came out. I will so buy that. I will buy it and I will play it. The Total War series is fun and all, but having units with more extreme characteristics, like Goblin Gliders... it would be very sweet.

Now I just need a 40k game done in the style of XCOM and I'll be all set.

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Nah, the best genre you would like the Warhammer 40k to be is that of Valkyria Chronicles. If it's Total War style, I don't see how would you be able to pit a squad of 10 Spehh Mehreens against a squad of, like 100 Nids and still craw out breathing. And if you intend to make a Warhammer 40k game without the Spehh Mehreens, then I don't know how could you even call that a Warhammer 40k game.

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@solid_snake1461: It's not Warhammer 40K it's just plain Warhammer. It's based in the past, fantasy with orks and knights. It's not going to be futuristic with space stuff or tyranids.

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@CatAtomic999: I am ready for a new XCOM to be announced myself.