GS News - New Guitar Hero; Batman: Arkham Knight Rated “Mature”

GTA V for PC gets delayed for the third time, the dark knight gets really dark in Batman: Arkham Knight, and a new Guitar Hero could be on its way.

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Very disappointed to hear about the M rating for Arkham Knight. I loved Arkham City, but even that was too dark and gritty for my taste. You can make a dark, brooding Batman game that's more family friendly, you don't have to drag it into the gutter. Just look at the excellent 90s animated Batman series for reference.

I was actually waiting for this game to come out as a primary reason to buy a PS4. If they stay with the M rating, I probably won't be buying the game at all, unfortunately. Looks like an incredibly cool game, too bad the devs are playing the "artistic integrity" card to justify M-rated content that most likely isn't necessary in the game play or story.

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ok cool then GTA V will be polished and bug-free at launch I can handle that we don't want another assassins creed unity on our hands okay.

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@dexter-404 Get real.. i wont be surprised if they'll delay it again

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@dexter-404 I agree but it is getting a little tedious

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@Maj_Wood @dexter-404 its all bs bro every single time they delay they are like hey we will throw in x amount of gta cash if you pre order... its all marketing bs you guys are so damn gullible if you think that they are actually still working on it.

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Another GTA V PC delay... fine by me. Get it right, Rockstar. I have a near infinite backlog at this point anyhow.

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I never played that.

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Lookin stylish Jess! You go girl.

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dark night rated M b/c of female skimpy armour

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@suppaphly42 @vulture7776969 As long as it's not Dark Alliance, you're a cool dude.

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GH/RB like em both variety of music on both, The batman going M is awesome bout time no more dumbing it down. GTA pc ppl get into console or enjoy 2 yr old games.

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M rated Batman? Is it because of that thing with Talia?

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Yes! Another guitar Hero game! More endless button-grinding, devoid of all story or exploration, full of songs we have all heard before! And it's by Activision, the most innovative gaming company! CD Project-Who?

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Not bothered by M Rating..old enough to play whatever rating ESRB wants to put out even AO. Would be funny if after all this delays releases for PC then within a week ..its needs patch due to bugs/glitch. :P