GS News - New Assassin’s Creed may be incoming + is eSports a ‘real sport’?

Today we chat about a rumour that 2014 will bring two new Assassin’s Creed games, Playstation exec Shuhei Yoshida says that the Wii U is just getting started, and controversy is sparked over whether eSports is a real sport.

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I don't think that e-sports should be seen as a "SWEAT HARD OMG" sport,but more as a mind sport like chess.Honestly,it deserves to be seen as a sport because of its difficulty and the amount of skill required to win.It's a real insult to call people who watch e-sports "crazy" and I think that lady should choose better words,have some respect for the gamers.You don't really need to sweat for it to be a sport.Anyways,I guess you see my point.Don't call people who share a hobby you don't like "crazy". By the way,keep up the good work with GS News, Jess ^_^

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Amped for another assassins creed!.. or two! bring it!

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Jess Mcdonnell is a badass.

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I don't think it should be called e-sports. It should totally create its own genre something like . . . Cyber Interactive Competition (CIC) . Yeah I know, my name is cyberforce, but the thought didn't generate from there. :)

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I've never thought I video game competition as being a sport. It's more a "competitive event". Chess, checkers, chutes & ladders, pinball, etc... = not a sport. It would be like calling Hell's Kitchen or Project Runway competitions a sport. Those guys have the same or more physical activity then gamers.

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Wikipedia says:

However, a number of competitive, but non-physical, activities claim recognition as mind sports. The International Olympic Committee (through ARISF) recognises both chess and bridge as bona fide sports, and SportAccord, the international sports federation association, recognises five non-physical sports,[4][5] although limits the amount of mind games which can be admitted as sports.[1]

With that and the fact that stuff like shooting, driving, chess etc. are all called sports, I don't see a reason why esports shouldn't be

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I'd say, let's we make a World Gaming Championship/Olympic, and forget about this eSport stuff, who cares about games being sport when you have fun in it? just make a competition and have fun!!

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I completely disagree that gaming 'esports' are actually sports... unless its something like DDR or whatever, then, no... its NOT a sport.. people sitting on their buttocks playing Starcraft is hardly exerting much energy.. its a game, like chess.. or checkers. or backgammon.. not a sport...

as for my game of the year, its The Last of Us.. Only own PC and PS3 so that narrows my choices down.. Happy Holidays to one and all.. except numbskull fanboys...

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Pretty sure chess, poker and sitting in a car is all called sport as well :s

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gaming is a beautiful hobby, but never a sport, couldnt agree more

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Not a sport as it doesn't require any athletic ability. It's certainly not easy but we don't call professional chess playing or painting a portrait a "sport" either.

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Clay target shooting is a sport, it's even in the olympics. If that's a "real" sport then e-sport is a "real" sport

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Honestly, I'd love to go to bar and drink with my friends while watching a Counter-Strike championship. Whether it is or not a sport, I really think this is a matter of audience acceptance and if there is money into that, no really the "how exhausted you get playing a game on console/PC".

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Here's the problems with gaming as a sport:

1.) You're only viewing matches(generally) from one persons point of view. There would have to be some way for the entire match to be viewed from a broad perspective for it to be entertaining. Imagine watching American football from the helmet cam of one player at a time for long periods of time.

2.) The sport is too disparate for people to truly take interest. There are so many different genres, leagues and tournaments that it's hard for people to keep track. With a lack of a central governing board for the sport, you can't have cohesion.

3.) Gaming in general is not a passive sport. People don't like to sit and watch others play for the most part. MOBA, RTS and other strategy games are the exception because it fits the bill for point number one.

4.) There hasn't been a tv channel that has stepped up and taken the risk of broadcasting any sort of gaming matches. Sure you have Twitch and Ustream and all the other live streaming services, but there needs to be an "ESPN of gaming" for it to take root. Sometimes people have to be shown what they want in order for them to actually want it. If that makes sense.

Those are just my thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind there was never a call for ESPN at first and all it ever showed was professional bull riding. It quickly took hold and people started to give a crap about televised bull riding and then ESPN was able to secure more sports for its network to make it the multi-channel sports juggernaut it is today. Imagine if MLG had multiple channels each covering a different genre with set match schedules with each game being covered from a spectator view. I think only then would esports truly take root.

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Oh no more half assed assassins creed games.

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My personal opinion is that sport is something which involves physical activity and so i do not consider video gaming as sport But arguably Esport is just like chess, If chess tournament can be considered sport than so can be esport. the definition of sport is

"an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."

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Real sport? No, not really. But to say it's stupid and people who watch it are crazy? Come on. How is watching a dota match different from watching a basketball match?
Yeah so the players don't have to be in great physical shape but it requires strategy and skill and can be insanely intense.

Ignorants gonna ignorant

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Allow me to rectify this "controversy". Q. Is eSports is a real sport? Answer. No. /End thread

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I guess using your fingers to click a mouse or tap a keyboard is technically physical "exertion".

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LOL Wii U is just getting started. 5 years from now: The Wii U is just getting started.

No problem, Nintendo. I will buy the console once it is really getting started.

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Chess isn't considered a sport by many.

Plus rules of chess never changes, it's the same game played 300 years ago as it is played now.

Video game changes constantly. You maybe competing in Starcraft 2 professional level today, but 10 years after you will have to learn to play Starcraft 3 to compete. Not to mention the learning curve involves for audience to truly understand what they are watching.

Video games don't make good spectacle entertainment unless you already play the game they are competing in. It poses as a huge barrier to the casual crowd and therefore will never be as mainstream or popular as real sports, and chess.

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What is up with this obsession with comparing esports to real sports. Who cares. Esports is great. Leave it at that, brand it that way. Traditional sports are great, leave it at that. One word that would bridge it all together is "Competition". Maybe everyone can settle on that?

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whoa. bout time they made another AC game.

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No, idiot, sport means an activity that requires physical exertion. It doesn't even have to be a contest, there doesn't have to be winners or losers.

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Glistening pearls, flawless jewels of the earth, gold sands and gem rivers cannot measure thy worth.

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is chess a sport? poker maybe?

of course. mind sport. olympic, actually.

A mind sport is a sport or a game of skill where the mental component is more significant than the physical.

eSports not being sports it's the dumbest thing i've heard today.

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I'm no athlete, I just lift weights a few times per week. But I don't think button presses, stick movements, key strokes, and mouse clicks count as "physical activity" either.

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I agree with Yoshida's last remark. Nintendo does bring a lot of new people to gaming. Some of their stuff definitely appeals to the core fans, but less as time goes on.

No. I don't think that eSports is a "real" sport. When I workout, it's with weights at a gym three times per week. As much as I enjoy gaming as an entertainment medium, I think the whole eSport thing is just another cash cow.

I like gaming, but I don't treat it as a lifestyle..

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"Esports" is not a real sport sorry, more of a classification of a sports type. League of Legends, DOTA, Counter-Strike, etc. on the other hand I would consider sports, but in retrospec nomenclature doesn't matter. The guys/gals that play these games professionally have salaries, sponsors, train regularly, and even have their own reality shows; just like traditional athletes. So I would say they can call it whatever they want, as long as they just don't stop doing what they love.

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Physical exertion is the only thing separating the definition of a sport from the spirit of one, that being the competitive use of skill against an opponent for the entertainment of others. In this regard, I see no reason why eSports couldn't be broadcast in the same vein as physical sports for viewer entertainment.

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@Dreamspeeder I like that justification for eSports as a "real" sport, but I'm still undecided on the issue. Yes, eSports are competitive like sports, but I always pictured sports as something you do outside or at least in a large indoor arena in order to get exercise. Sports have, in my life, been the thing you do because you have been playing too many video games. So I'm undecided.

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If by "rescope" they mean "stop making at least one per year and give us some down time to think about the previous installment", then I'm up for it.

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Aaaand I'm spent *huff puff sigh* omg Jess they're totally drained and I saw God.

Steam Holiday Sale, you know. Empties my pockets every time.

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Jeez one of the worse series to start late

I just started the first Assassins Creed

I have soooo much to catch up on! ):

Avatar image for MimoRpg2

@uglypinkmoose 10 hours Of story mode per game, You can catch up all in 2 weeks

Avatar image for uglypinkmoose

@MimoRpg2 Lol well if you look at it that way....

But that's if I wanted to play them straight through back to back.

I might want some more variety than that so I'd rather split them up

Plus I hate rushing games so I'll probably do a lot of the side content

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Don't think calling it a "sport" matters much as long as it gets more respect/attention. Which I guess is the point of calling it a "sport" :/ Whats professional chess considered? Can we just go with that?

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@Pawfalcon By definition, a sport per SportAccord.

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gaming is a sport it uses mental and psychical skills and also can be done in a team or individually. there's many of sports i can name that use mental skills gaming is no different.

generally it a bunch of old people who have never played a video game in there life talking rubbish.

Avatar image for chaosbrigade

@07wintert Do enlighten me, what "physical skills" do playing video games entail besides sitting on a chair, starring into a monitor, mouse click and type the keyboard really fast?

Would you play video games to lose weight?

Would you play video games to have a healthier body?

I rest my case.

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I don't call it a sport I just call it competitive gaming.

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I don't see how people in their late 60's on HBO and didn't grow up with video games should even have a relevant opinion on this. I understand that the physical aspect isn't really there. But considering the level of competition and number of spectators, it seems legit to me.

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G.O.Y . Three Letters and a Number. (GTA 5)

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i'd say it needs a rescopeing if i'm joing to jump in the hay in every city they could at least give me some company like in fable

Avatar image for notjustin

i agree with yosh-ida ;)

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If darts, snooker and poker get broadcast on sports channels, and are considered sports, I don't know why esports aren't. A professional Starcraft game would entail more physical exertion than any of those 'sports'.

As for my GotY, it goes to Europa Universalis IV, as no other game this year has invaded my thoughts and given me better stories (though not to the same degree as Crusader Kings 2).

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@snaggleoooo Wait a minute...darts, poker and snooker(what ever that is...) are considered sports??

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@Harbinger_CR @snaggleoooo Ok, poker might be pushing it, but darts and snooker (played on a pool- or billiard table) are definitely considered sports. My point was that you see those 'sports' on the sports TV channels.

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