GS News - More Nintendo Switch Launch Titles; Halo 6 Will Have Split-Screen

Kojima reveals new info about Death Stranding’s gameplay, and Microsoft suggests that not including split-screen in Halo 5 was a mistake.

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Jess, no! There are 39 episodes of why you do not want to attend dinner with Mads Mikkelsen!

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Finally MS admits to their mistake about Halo 5.

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Oh, so my planned Switch launch party could also be a birthday party for someone we don't know that is not present, er wait, her birthday would be Thursday for us in NA, whatever :). Doesn't matter anyway since I prob won't be able to get anyone to show up :).

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I am glad that Death Stranding has a good amount of choices in how to play. The question will be if I play the online or ignore it like I did with MGS5. I'm still keeping my expectations for this game realistic so that I will enjoy it when it comes out.

Jess should take Mikkelsen to eat with the only question is what Hannibal will choose to eat. Make sure to bring some fava beans and a nice Chianti just in case.

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@diablusx: Always gotta be careful though, we've heard that freedom of choice line a million times :).

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Hermits Unite! ...oh, right