GS News - Microsoft & EA’s E3 Reveals; New Mass Effect/Tomb Raider!

Get the lowdown on some of E3’s Day One highlights including a Battlefield Hardline beta, a MGS V: The Phantom Pain trailer, and a new Tomb Raider!

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The Last Of Us, AC UNITY, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, FAR CRY 4, The DIVISION, Arkham Knight, The Order 1886. Wow what a game line up, best in gaming history!!!!! what a great time to be a gamer.

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So no mention of Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, Phantom Dust or even the DR3 DLC?? NO BATTLEFRONT??? This is the worst recap ever...I'm sorry but it is...

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EA... "Horrendously Broken"

They need to trademark this ASAP!

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Jess.... I love your top.... Sorry but it's really nice ;)

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dude this chick, not cool

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For the record, that was a weak attempt at exaggerated humor. She's stunning and her "english" is absolutely impeccable. What was she talking about again.......

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why the game not out yet?

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Battlefield gets a Betar!

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@UNCStriker88 Yup and the best part is they didn't start it three weeks before game release! Maybe it'll be useful this time!

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"I guess he had to split."


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Why don't you make like a tree and get outta here?

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wasn't expecting much from ME4 but Hudson not working on it don't like that

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"i'm not wearing a watch.." hahaha

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@DougSwan I don't know, English isn't my first language but I have no problem understand every words she said, without the need of subtitle. I think she would make a great English teacher if she want to.

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"He had to split", oh man that is Arnold Swarchnegger levels of cheese!

In fact I think he used that line in Running Man.

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I heard that first sentence as "It is the 9th of June. Today my name is Jess McDonell" and I immediately started to wonder what her name is on other days. Perhaps she has a secret identity to protect her loved ones. =)

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@vanti That's strange, I heard it as "It is the 9th of June today. My name is Jess McDonell" Am I right?

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I really loved Sony's showing today. That Far Cry announcement about letting people that don't have the game play it was huge. Not to mention Bloodborne, Destiny early access on THURSDAY :O, No Man's Sky, TLoU remastered looked gorgeous.. I was more than a little annoyed at the white Ps4. >.< I totally want that now. I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing, I'm still trying to absorb it all. I'm sad there was no showing of Last Guardian, or Everyone's Gone to the Rapture, or a Legend of Dragoon remake/reboot/remaster/resomething. ( I know it was never ever in the works or was ever going to happen but one can hope. )

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Beta is running nice on PS4

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@adit_man What connection you got? I've got a 6MB and it's horrid for me. lmao

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Battlefield 4 broken

I played through the campaign twice and I didn't notice it broken. I haven't played on-line, but the camplain was just fine. Maybe that's just me. I don't nitpick or complain unless something really deserves it.

It wasn't the most fun game in the world, but it was okay.

Battlefield Harine or whatever it's called

I guess it will be okay.

Metal Gear

Hopefully they improve on what the did in Ground Zeros. When you get frustrated, you can just run full speed past your enemy and absorb a few bullets and still run away at times.

The Division

GREAT!! I love Ubisoft.

Thank you Jess. Wonderful show. Looks like your having a great time. That's good to see.

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Don't know how I'll be able to keep up with all the stuff from E3, any other show doing a breakdown of whats happening?

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Jess, you all are doing a fantastic job with covering E3 this year. Thank you for the excellent coverage! So far, my favorite announcement of the day was "Uncharted 4" for the PS4. I was also quite hyped with the footage from "The Order 1886."

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Laura Croft

Everyone says that it was too quick in the last game on how she went from a sweet girl to a killer.

I disagree. When you're surrounded by scumbags like the one she was surrounded by, and when you life is on the line, it's not hard to give those scumbags what's coming to them.

Just sayin'

Social Psychology will tell you the same thing, if I remember correctly.

When under duress, you may act the exact opposite of the way you are when your in a calm and serene environment. And you might do the exact opposite of what you profess intellectually.

I've had some real scumbags in my life. Enough said.

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@SaintsRowLA I remember being amused by all the people saying that the transition was too quick. I mean, how many of us have been in that situation, where we've been forced to take someone's life? I spent a good bit of time talking to soldiers about seven or eight years ago, about their experience of battle, and the moral questions involved, and they all said basically the same thing--they talked about a switch being flipped in their head. Once they decided that it was necessary to use lethal force, they didn't hem and haw about it. That is, not until afterward. But in the moment, there was no long, drawn out transition. I got the sense that those of us who have never been in that situation will never understand it. I thought the game handled it pretty well, all things considered.

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@erik_r_nelson @SaintsRowLA There's a difference being a soldier training to eventually kill and a young girl going to explore and having to kill. After her first kill and how it happened would have traumatized her and not "flipped" her to just keep killing. I don't know where SaintsRowLA got his info, but that is completely from the top of your head and not at all factual. The game sold well, but the reviews and regret was obvious. It was shoddy in execution and the story was mellow dramatic (not bad as Metal Gear 4 >_>). Who the hell is tripping, stumbling and constantly having crap near falling on them to keep the tension going? o_O Who pulls bullets and arrows out of a boar's ass? Rise of the Tomb Raider is an awful title, but I am not expecting much from the game either. Seeing a psyche. Really? What the hell. Still betting on the "struggling femme" bit as I suspected.

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@blumiu @erik_r_nelson @SaintsRowLA

Laura Croft >> The bad guys.

If it comes down to your life and those scum balls life, we'll I'll take mine. Those guys in the movie represent the worst pig-headed pigs of the male gender. If you're a beautiful woman life Laura, you don't know if they'll do to you.

We are all emotional and feeling creatures first and then rational/and logical people second. Some people are obviously more emotional than others. Women can definitely be more emotional than men.

I've had lots of bad people in my life. I've had that flip switched when dealing with total sociopaths.

I got my information for the #1 Social Psychology doctors from the University of Santa Cruz, California: Drs Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson from the book 'Age of Propaganda' from 2001. 'You might do the exact opposite under duress or life threatening situations from what you profess under a safe academic environment.

It's still a video game, not to be taken too literally. Go Laura, give it to the bad guys!

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@blumiu @erik_r_nelson @SaintsRowLA I'm not sure there is much of a difference. There is quite a bit of psychological study of this issue, and while there's quite a range of response to traumatic situations, Laura's response in the game is squarely within the realm of plausibility. The studies tend to show that once the decision is made to use deadly force, individuals do not need to go through that process again unless there is considerable "down time" where danger has passed.

As for the game, I liked it. The story wasn't perfect, but it wasn't at all melodramatic. And I thought the gameplay was fun and engaging. I don't often spend time in game worlds after the main story is done, but I did here. I wouldn't say it was a fantastic game, but it was solid in execution, if unexceptional. I though the main criticisms of the game were off a bit, but these are opinions, after all.

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@erik_r_nelson @blumiu @SaintsRowLA

Thank you for your response.

A beautiful woman with and English accent. We'll it belongs in everyone's collection ;)

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NHL 15

If you like to have fun just about all the time, every second of your game playing time, then the NHL series will deliver that. play for 30 minutes or for hours, in between other activities, you'll always have fun.

Be A Legend mode is always great.

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English as in from England English I assume.

For the record. i understand her perfectly well everyday. Her accent is an asset.

I understand people from Australian, England, Scotland, Ireland, Southeastern US, Northeastern US, Mid-west, West, Southwest US, and all other English speakers all the world with no problem. Each to their own.

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I will throw my money at whatever Fromsoftware is putting out, which means getting a Ps4. But I enjoyed more Microsoft exclusives than Sony ones this year

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I reminisce when jess used to comment. Good times I used to feel important

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@homelessgamer Hallo! I still read, just don't always have time to comment.

Avatar image for homelessgamer

Hi Jess! Sorry, I feel I like a chump now lol

Avatar image for tempertress

@homelessgamer Naw, I just don't want you guys to think I've forgotten about you.

Avatar image for homelessgamer

Jess, your the best. I won't be Whiny anymore. Keep up the good work!

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@homelessgamer She's probably really busy with all the E3 stuff.

Avatar image for homelessgamer

Just stop. You feel the same way I do, you don't need to speak for her either.

Avatar image for Zombie97

@homelessgamer I'm just saying that everybody at GameSpot has been focused on E3 for the last couple of weeks and now they're at the expo so they have less time to interact with us. But I have to agree that Jess doesn't comment here as often as she used to, don't know why though, when Chris is hosting the news he always takes the time to talk to us in the comments :(

Avatar image for tempertress

@Zombie97 @homelessgamer Not sure what to tell you. I have three different shows to take care of which push out seven videos on a weekly basis plus whatever else it going on. I'm always replying to people on Twitter and here when I can. Unfortunately I'm much busier these days then I used to be when I started this show. 'Tis the reality of my job! I'm always around, though.

Avatar image for Zombie97

@tempertress @Zombie97 @homelessgamer I'm sure that most people here understand that, your videos are always top quality :) Sadly, I've noticed more trolls, angry fanboys, and people who post really weird comments lately, I don't think there is anything you can do about them.

Okay, I really need to go to sleep... after the post show is over :P

Avatar image for hystavito

@Zombie97 @tempertress @homelessgamer There aren't that many of those weird or bad comments really. Overall I think the number of comments has gone down quite a bit since the show was new, but that's probably normal.

I guess maybe less interaction from Jess might also be a factor in that, but these discussions were had some time ago and everyone knew she was getting more busy, being given more work and such.

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Hey Zombie, please remove that brown stuff from your nose.

Being too nice is always good.

Just playing with you.

Avatar image for homelessgamer

Jess, you would make a good rapper. You got some lungs!

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it was nice to see that mass effect is in fact in the works. now as for new and exciting title launches, rise of tomb raider is definitely it

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@DougSwan She was speaking English the whole time, and English is her first language. Please note that I will flame the bejesus out of you if you reveal yourself to be an American complaining about English diction.

The background and foreground audio for GS has been the tinniest bit sketchy since the start of the day, but I can understand her just fine. In fact, I would go so far as to say as far as consistency of pitch goes, this is probably some of Jess' best work (she's a giggly type and seems to have a lot of fun with her work).

Jess has a pretty metropolitan Sydney accent, and while it is forever crushed (in my eyes) by a metro Melbourne accent, your suggestion that is incoherent perhaps belies your worldliness, or lack thereof. Maybe check your headphones and try again.

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I dont know boys, seemed like she was liking the ladies quite a but this video.....

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