GS News - Huge Andromeda Patch Coming; Sega Teasing Bayonetta News?

A bunch of classic Jak & Daxter games are coming to PS4, and the upcoming Andromeda patch addresses a lot of fan complaints!

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I hope it's not a Nintendo exclusive again ...

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I hope it's switch exclusive.

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@ninjaguiden78: Why? Don't you want as many people as possible to play and enjoy it? I personally hope it isn't exclusive, but I expect it will be.

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I don't say this to shame the developers but the fact that a large patch is coming out for MEA this early means that they simply released the game before it was finished. This kind of thing makes it easier for me to resist buying games day one. Now I'm going to hold out until they drop the price on a game that's actually finished.

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@sanform: This has been standard industry practice for the digital era.

Why spend months more of development time when you can shove it out the door and release patches later after getting people's money?

I miss the old generation.

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First patch is all I've been waiting for on MEA. Started the campaign couple days ago and some the bugs are distracting. Glad to know the patch date is soon. Spending majority of the between MEA MP and Gwent stand-alone. Glad to know I'll be able to