GS News - Halo Franchise Sells 60 Million; New Call of Duty PC Specs!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC specs are revealed, Halo hits a huge franchise milestone, and Bloodborne earns some choice graphics adjectives!

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The Sims franchise.

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mass effect sold a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if we're talking about franchise :

1. Mario easily

2. pokemon

if we we're talking about game :

1. tetris

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Mario has sold more games than any other game character, taking into account all the spin-offs he's starred in, so that would be my guess. I would also say that the Super Mario (Bros. to Galaxy 2) series is the biggest selling game franchise of all time. Super Mario Bros. alone sold around 40 million units.

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I was right. Its one of my answers & the other two are up there as well. Pokemon is 2nd.

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If I had to guess the game franchise that's sold the most? Pokemon right? I'm going to say Pokemon. .

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Its out of Tetris, Mario, or Madden. Now im gonna google it.

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I'd guess Tetris

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game franchise... that i dont know but game well that has got to be tetris now if youre talking eletronic games then its solitaire.

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'Which Game Franchise Has Sold the Most?'

I'll say EA's NHL series since it's been around since 1994 or before and because they come out with a new one every year. Plus I'm biased toward hockey. I'm sure I'm wrong.

'S M will be standing in for for me tomorrow. . .'

Have a great day off. Please get better if you're not feeling well. Please come back.

"Good health is having no fatigue,

having a good appetite,

going to sleep and awaking easily,

having a good memory,

having good humour, having precision in thought and action,

and being honest, humble, grateful and loving.

How healthy are you?"

--Louise L. Hay

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Damn, based on your quote, I've realized that I am not healthy. AT ALL.

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I'm sure everyone is a unhealthy to some extent.

I wonder how healthy Jess is?

I wonder how healthy I am? I want Jess to marry me?

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I think the Mario franchise has sold the most copies to date. I didn't google it today, but I'm sure I've googled it in the past.

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@Ducez_III I'm sure you're right. Mario has been around since the Donkey Kong arcade game since 1981, or 82 or so.

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First impression: OMG, Jess has never looked more beautiful.

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@drizzygadget @thermalmotion I've had a lot of recommendations for Spec Ops The Line.

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I am a proud owner of 0 Halo and Modern Shooter games!

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@thermalmotion Good on you. You haven't owned the best shooter of all time, and one of the hands down greatest games of all time.

Keep playing your indie titles, hipster.

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@dani_i89 @thermalmotion shut up dude, each his own if the guy doesnt like cod so what?

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@dadlm @dani_i89 @thermalmotion I wasn't talking about CoD. CoD sucks. My point stands. He is a hipster.

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@dadlm @dani_i89 @thermalmotion Can't say you don't like it till you try it so yes, he is a hipster.

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@thermalmotion The only one you need is MW2, that was the best

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@drizzygadget @thermalmotion MW2 over Halo? You're dreaming.

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@dani_i89 @drizzygadget @thermalmotion yeah WAW was better than them both

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No CoD game even comes close to touching a Halo game.

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My guess is that it could be GTA. There are many games in the franchise, most of them are available on multiple platforms and they usually sell extremely well. I just hope it's not Call of Duty...

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@Zombie97 Super Mario Bros. on the NES sold something in the region of 40 million games, pretty impressive when you consider that's sales on one systems.

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@Zombie97 I despise CoD, but I'd prefer that to do better than GTA. Although that's not likely.

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@Zombie97 GTA was in the top 5 but not the most.

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I3?, most gamers I know are using I5s and those with money have upgraded to I7s.

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I think it might be The Sims that has sold the most. Surely its up there if you include all the expansions.

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@biggest_loser At one point I remember reading somewhere it was the best selling game series, but this was some time before mobile took off.

The other big ones are Mario of course, and Tetris, however each of those are a bit unfair as you can add up all the variants and such. If we're talking just one series, as in an original game and then games that are considered direct sequels, then it might be The Sims.

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I'd have to guess Mario... if I can just use the huge catch all, lol. And now I feel old... thanks Jess.

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Honestly it already paints a bad picture for the next Call of Duty when they still don't have the full specs for the game two weeks before release. This port is going to be just terrible I know it.

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Wait, her name is Jade? And she's leaving Ubisoft? ...Oh my god we'll never get Beyond Good & Evil 2! The signs have spoken. Symbolic message received.

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Well since there are so many Final Fantasies I would guess that franchise has the most sold.

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@BullFrogOnNet Mario?

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@kidnatural @BullFrogOnNet Pokemon?

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I was kinda hoping you talked about The Evil Within's headless glitch. I had copied these austin powers head puns for that; so I'm posting these anyways:
'Not the time to lose one's head.'
'That's not the way to get ahead in life.'
'It's a shame he wasn't more headstrong.'
'He'll never be the head of a major corporation.'