GS News - GTA V Sued AGAIN + What’s Xbox One’s Secret Weapon?

DayZ’s Dean Hall hints that Microsoft has something up their sleeve for Xbox One, and Rockstar may need to pay $40 million to a former Mob Wives star!

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Don't those dumbass mobwives make enough money? Your going to seriously sue a gaming company because you believe a character portrays you? LOL just because similar unfortunate events happened to you does not entitle you royalties.

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Xbox One can take advantage of Titled Resources. Compressing 8gb of textures into 6mb of ESRAM.

Avatar image for ModifiedSoul

@thegamer00 not sure where that equation came from but i thought it was 3gb of textures to every 16mb of eSRAM of which the XB1 has 32mb

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Your secret weapon.

Avatar image for nathan_1987

I think the secret weapon will either be backwards compatibility or being able to buy xbox 360 games from the xbox store

Avatar image for vought

I think their going to announce an Xbox One VR headset next month at GDC.

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Mob wife must not be all that big if the reference completely flew over me. Then again, I prefer not to watch shows featuring pretentious morons that do nothing but lower the intelligence around world. Not only that, but the mass suicide of brain cells from watching that gives a really nasty headache.

Avatar image for ButDuuude

"The sauce" is Xbox's secret weapon. You just wait and see.

Avatar image for JYNUGGETS

"The Secret Weapon" is It's Coming First on XboxOne! Trust me!

Avatar image for ogswaggkiller

I think Xbox One's "Secret Weapon" is Titanfall.

Avatar image for -s3r6i0-

Unless they're launching a nuclear warhead at Sony headquarters they can forget about it.

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Uh oh, Xbox One news. . .

Here come the fanboys out to display their ignorance for all to see.

Avatar image for papaparis

@hina_ken Ahhh and of course theres always the Playstation cats showing off the jealousy. Face it, unless PS gets further into VR, Sony will never pass up Microsoft when it comes to consoles. Our online experience will always be so much better.

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New Zealand has zombie sheep! Check out the movie Black Sheep (not the one with Chris Farley)

Avatar image for nesky

Who does MS think they're fooling with that secret weapon crap? Yeah, ok.

Avatar image for hina_ken

@nesky Was it MS or Sony that has to lay off people from one of their top IP production studios.

I guess the surprise from Sony isn't better after all! LOL

Avatar image for nesky

@hina_ken @nesky That's not a surprise. Sony doesn't print $ the way M$ does. Otherwise they'd bribe and buy everyone they could too. At any rate~ I haven't heard of any PS4 "secret weapon", they don't need one.

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@nesky uh, incase you didn't notice, it wasn't MS that said anything. It was a developer. Meaning, of course, they aren't trying to fool anyone.

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Could the Secret weapon be a apology to to gaming community at 2014 E3 show??

Or a apology that i lost my best friend over a xbox one?

Or a apology for why they made it cost so much for very little to offer?

Or some kind of apology that would benefit every one?

Avatar image for ogswaggkiller

Or you could stfu

Avatar image for superking12

@teller76567 How did you lose a friend over an Xbox One?

Avatar image for hina_ken

@superking12 Because his friend is a loser fanboy that can't be friends with anyone that has an Xbox One.

Avatar image for ninboxstation

secret weapon? or "exciting things"?.. maybe:

-Wussy tier:

Kinect Gears is not cancelled after all

-Low tier:

cheaper X1 with no Kinect comming

-Mid tier:

VR helmet comming to the X1 too

-High tier:

Rare has been secretly working on a Prefect Dark Reboot (for the last 4 years..)

-God tier:

Half Life 3 or Fallout 4 will be MS exclusiv

=> anyway, it's NOT one "secret weapon" but more like => "a few new features and functionality rolling out over time"

(TV and Kinect gimmicks very possible..)

Avatar image for XCyberForceX

Damn! I hate that term resources. People are workers, human beings, not resources to be realigned. Some companies are so Fracked up these days!

Avatar image for _Roo_

@XCyberForceX By calling someone a 'worker' not an employee or team member you're just as bad.

Avatar image for Sharkspawn80

Microsoft's secret weapon is....................1080p!?... Their RAM can't do that. I got it!..... Security! In house Security! Monitoring your heart rate and sensing when your life may or may not be in danger, and dispatching Police accordingly...

Avatar image for hina_ken

@Sharkspawn80 Wow, your lack of PC components knowledge equally matches your immature fanboy mentality. Sad, but Phony need them some sheep! Good boy!

Since you said that, answer this: How does the WiiU (and ONLY the WiiU) acheive 1080p @ 60 fps more than any system yet? Hmmmm....

Avatar image for idontlikechev

Well I'm sure the wii U has no problem with PAC man in 1080p. The graphics for wii u games are shit you doo doo head.

Avatar image for iamnavarres


Wolfenstein and Murdered
Avatar image for SerJohnnyMenace

@Sharkspawn80 Microsoft's secret weapon....BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY !!!

Avatar image for hina_ken

@SerJohnnyMenace No, that is Sony crap plan: To stream a bunch of old games from their old systems for you to pay for yet one more time!

Avatar image for TwinStripeUK

@hina_ken @SerJohnnyMenace Actually, if they had managed to get backwards compatibility for 360 running on the hardware rather than streaming, that would be a MASSIVE deal. It could be do-able but it would take some real software tricks to pull it off...

Avatar image for CPTCUDDLES

their secret weapon? is marketing hype for whatever regular B.S they pump out.

Avatar image for tgshadow

Could it be the upcoming Cortana Virtual Assistant due around April?

Avatar image for The_luv_rocket

Could it be that their secret weapon is a fugazi?

Avatar image for Lykanthropie

their secret weapon is a xbox one without kinect ...

Avatar image for the2ndvalentine

@Lykanthropie ha if only!

Avatar image for youre_a_sheep

I'm begging you guys to get some more serious background music for when you discuss studio closures and layoffs.

Avatar image for CPTCUDDLES

@youre_a_sheep wow....what a hippy

Avatar image for blackace

I'm sure M$ has a lot of hidden surprises for the XB1. It'll be interesting to see how gamers respond to all this new information once the E3 gets here.

Avatar image for thesilverape

Pretty sure that parody falls under fair use, that bitch just wants money.

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What is this html 5 video browser i need to download smh smh profusely

Avatar image for meedokicky

I think their secret weapon is an online feature :o or maybe it is a weapon o_O

Avatar image for xeis-net

Seemed odd at the time, probably : 40GB free to install Titanfall, something like 12GB D/L & 20GB installed, requiring 8GB of headspace during the install. 40GB did seem excessive ;-)

Avatar image for Wej_accept_it

If you're only claim to fame stems from reality TV, you don't deserve $40,000,000
Hell, you should feel lucky someone noticed you at all

Avatar image for llMurcielagoll

I get the feeling that, celebs now suing Rockstar because they made more money off one game being GTA than they ever did with one movie title. Good luck with that, whatsYourFace I never heard of that fat celeb before. Unless Rockstar copied the same exact movements that you may have done in real life, the same exact face, the same exact body, the same exact voice, you are wasting your time and Rockstar's.

Avatar image for rad8045

What celebrity nobody hasn't tried to sue Rockstar ?lol

Avatar image for ausjohnny

Chrome 33 on a Sony Xperia Tablet Z running Android 4.3 = Video not working...'please use an html5 capable browser' really?

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