GS News - GTA V Removed From Sale; Grab a Limited PS1-Inspired PS4!

Target Australia stops selling GTA V due to depictions of violence against women, Sony unveils a limited edition PS4, and Limbo comes to Xbox One!

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My first console was the Atari 7800, but the first console I remember playing was Nintendo. Unless we want to throw Commodore 64 in there, in which case that.

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We all need to sign this. It will not end in AU. They are already reaching out to other countries to have the game removed from the shelves.

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Time to ban Australia from Earth

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So that emagon was a 20th Anniversary thing for the original PlayStation. They made that one too easy!

My first console was the Atari 2600 but the first one I loved the most was my original NES! Great games, great fun, and no one complained about the games not being in 1080p at 60FPS!

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My first console was the Sears knock-off version of the Atari 2600. I had an original PS1 which I played to death thanks to games like Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid.

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My first access in the console wars was on the legendary Atari 2600 (first edition, with woody decor!) back to the 80th – it's amazing hard pixel strokes gave me an headache that still lasts. My first Sony console® was the PS3, cause pc has had better gfx (and it is anonce will unnecessarily ever have).

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SNES, N64 and PS1. those were the days when we would actually have to leave the house to go to a friends house in order to play coop or versus each other. groups of us I might add. then I learned about the awesomeness of the internet and Counter-Strike...never looked back XD

good times...

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Hell yeah Jess, i got my original Playstation in an nice carrying case. Ordered a new laser for it recently as it did not play all games. Childhood memory and wont be sold.

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I must be getting old, I thought women were my equals, not a delicate victim class which must be protected from even pretend violence. This sort of thing is exactly why gamers get very angry when such women start talking about what content should be allowed within OUR hobby. It has nothing to do with respecting women and everything to do with deference to them. Matriarchy has begun, thanks a lot Target.

I owned a PS1, and my first console was an Atari 2600. I like the throwback look of the limited edition PS4, but it doesn't go with my decor.

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Hmm...So Target is sexist (Target Australia stops selling GTA V due to depictions of violence against women) what about violence against men, and equal opportunities?

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That PS4 looks pretty sweet, and I were to ever buy a PS4, I think I'd want that version.

I never owned an original PlayStation, but many of my friends did, so I've got a few backseatgamer memories from it.

My first console was a Nintendo 64 that my dad got me for my 7th birthday. I remember having no freaking idea what I was doing in Super Mario 64, and not even being able to defeat the Bob-Omb King. That console made me a gamer and games like Banjo Tooie, Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64 are some of my fondest childhood and gaming memories. :3

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Hey Jess

Big fan. Just wondering though...I saw the 20th Anniversary PS4 announced in the last couple of days but had no idea how to get hold of one. You mentioned that it's available for pre-order in US and Europe, if that is in fact the case where do we go to order one or do we have to be invited to purchase it or something?

Thanks in advance Jess or anyone else who can provide the answer to my question :)

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Had the Dreamcast. Loved it

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People still buy games at stores? I guess if your internet sucks you would. Or if you like plastic.

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women are now equal to men in every aspect it seems or at least very close so whats their problem. Surely can't expect to only take all the good bits and reject all the bad bits of being 'equal'.

Its stupid and annoying. I'm almost tempted to say "F*** em"

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Meh. Do with GTA what you like. Just leave Elder Scrolls alone.

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That country feels differently about censorship

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Violence against men: Who cares

VIiolence against women: Ban the game.

I did not play the game, but how many parts of the game actually need violence against women to progress? Compared to men? I get that there is always the optional option to go on the street and do whatever

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Hysterical-wave feminism strikes again.

Too bad petition signers weren't required to describe at least one specific instance of actual sexism they experienced in GTAV before signing. That would have at least been entertaining
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GTA 5 IS a work of art especially on the Xbox One. I don't understand the Aussies when it comes to this subject around censorship. This particular game is spectacular in every way. The characters are distinct. The missions are fun. The game looks amazing. The level of detail is astonishing. It is violence in its extreme. We should be applauding this type of ingenuity not censoring it.

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@maximo GTA is not art. Pretty graphics doesn't equal art.

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@dani_i89 @maximo read all my post.

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Especially on Xbox One? oO

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It's their choice, not up to anybody to tell them how they should conduct business/feel about these issues. Other outlets will pick up the sales; if they're OK with that, more power to them.

But please, can we stop with that "art" all-encompassing nonsense? It's as poor an excuse as being drunk. I'm tired of this BS; just like some comedians hide behind "comedy" to say mean/derogatory stuff.

Do what you want, and deal with the consequences; don't make excuses. They know releasing that type of game in 2014 has elements of risk. I don't mind violence or sex in TV/movies/games, as long as they have a purpose to the story. I don't play this game because these themes are the basis of the game; that said, I'm not gonna judge those who enjoy it; to each its own.

Because you enjoy this game, doesn't mean you're stupid, uneducated, mysoginistic, racist... But if people are turned off by it, you shouldn't be offended. How does it affect your enjoyment of the game?

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@yankblan Disliking something and wanting it banned are not even comparable.

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Yes, but blame the store, not the protesters. Even then, blame is a strong word. They don't want to sell it, the game isn't banned nationwide.

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@yankblan It has an age restriction... at this point, as a company, you're saying you get to dictate to your customers what you think is morally acceptable. That's suicide for a company, or at least it used to be and should be in the future. Western Civilization is getting ridiculous.

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Not disagreeing, just saying it's up to them to drive their busines the way they want too. If their sales drop, they can't blame anyone but themselves. Customers will agree or disagree with their wallets.

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Nice, hope you enjoy it. I just wish people would stop bashing other people's choices because it doesn't align with their view. I used to play CoD a lot, but it's gotten stale the last 2 editions, IMHO of course.

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I find it fun challenging to get away from the cops, the 1st person driving is pretty good.

Fun "game"

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It's bizarre how censorship-loving that penal colony is.

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I am australian and I think this is completely stupid

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Forget GTA V

Play Saints Row 2, 3 and/or 4. Make a female character and kill all the males.

"Good grls kick a**. . .I always get my way." --Laura Bailey as female Saints leader.

My first console?

A Magnavox Oddessy (I think--the orange console you played Pong with the two twst know controllers) followed by an

Atari 2600

A Nintendo [something] and a Sega Genesis briefly in the early 90s

No consoles until 2009.

Have a great extended weekend Jess. You're the best.

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How will Gamestop or any of these other places handle pre-orders? I feel like these will sell like hotcakes...within minutes on Saturday. Any thoughts?

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Must have that shirt!

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I wonder if the retro PS4 will work better if it's turned upside down ...

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Censorship ahoy!

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Where is the violence against women in this game? Most of my victims are men.

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people mock resident evil 4 for being on every damn platform, but i think limbo is giving it a run for its money on amount of ports

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people talk about how resident evil 4 has been ported to every damn platform ever made, but i think limbo is giving it a run for its money in the "most ports" category

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The moral of this story is that if you have decided that you don't like something or don't understand it, do whatever it takes to prevent other people from being able to make that same decision for themselves.

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