GS News - GTA Online's Insane New Update, Evolve Is FREE and Available Now

Destiny’s new Moments of Triumph rewards are now live, and find out why Evolve and all its content are free beginning today.

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she sounds hung over

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At this point I'd much rather hear about a new Rockstar game.

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Haven't played GTA V multi since about a week after release but that actually looks kinda fun. Probably not fun enough to go back but still.

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gave pokemon go a try. Went for a run and came across a Machop that was in my way so we grappled. I won. Then I stopped at a church which is actually a poke-center where I can claim free poke-balls every time I pass by. Preach. Then towards the end of my route found a gym leader at KFC. Lets just say that I'm the Colonel at KFC now.

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@scarred_fox: "Let's just say I'm the Colonel at KFC". Lmao. That made my day.

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@scarred_fox: :)

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Evolve giving "founders" title badge/cosmetic item to those that paid. Pfff what good that does. Just like the founders badge I was given when SW: KOTOR went F2P.