GS News - Gran Turismo Sport's Missing Features; Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 In The Works?

The re-release of Resident Evil 5 gets a release date, and Polyphony Digital explains why Gran Turismo Sport will not include dynamic time or weather.

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100+ cars for a GT game? Huh? Shouldn't that be like 400+ cars? That's the entire point of GT, you get to drive everything from a POS to a actual race car and you get to tune and upgrade everything. Wow, I got a PS4 solely because I knew one day GT would be coming out and now this? This is what I waited for? Thank goodness I got an XB1 and the team at Forza is doing the game that GT used to do that made them famous.

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I wish I could get the resident evil 4 5 and 6 collection for ps4 but I presume that's only for the US if I'm right

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She's gorgeous!

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@techryze: Ugh. Creep.

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@techryze: lol...

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hi all

its been a while just thought i'd say hi

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