GS News - Google Console Info, Super Violent Game Trailer Turns Heads

Google reveals the Nexus Player, The Witcher 3’s open world is set to deliver, and is this the most violent gameplay trailer you’ve seen?

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LUV IT!!!!!

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Too far? Don't know. Distasteful for sure, and not in a funny way.

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I think the comparisons to what people do in games like CoD, Manhunt, GTA and other violent games is a bit off-base. Most of those games had context for their violence, or at least a plot that at least in the open world games, was there even if you chose to deviate from it. I'm against outright banning games, but the way this game is being marketed doesn't seem ethical to me and I don't think this is going to be good for the industry overall.

Yes, gamers are always doing killing in games, but often there is a backstory or motivation that goes along with that. And even in real life, lots of things can be justified if the motive is sound. Seemingly heinous acts can be understood, as long as there is a reasonable justification.

I guess I'm wondering, how exactly is this even fun? I dunno, I can fully separate games from reality as a responsible adult but I still find myself connecting emotionally and psychologically to the characters I play in games and just the thought of playing through this has little appeal for me. I dunno, maybe we just change when we become parents. I spend a very great part of my existence protecting the two little lives I've helped create and raise that it just seems in awful taste to play a game where you kill things for no reason other than "pleasure".

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Well, I find this kind of game refreshing -AND- overly violent. It's "refreshingly ultra-violent"! <high-fives Jess>

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Google Nexus- $99 with the $39 controller puts it right in line with the Amazon Fire TV and Sony Playstation TV from a price perspective. It really makes one wonder how many of these streaming "consoles" are going to keep coming. There's rumors that Asus is building one as well (Gamebox). This is some serious market saturation going on.

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@BlendThree I wonder if the Nexus controller would work as a 360 controller on PC. It would be awesome to replace that old 360 shitty controller, the D-pad looks great!!

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This game will save lives.

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wish it came out next year with more power.

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We do the same thing in GTA out of player choice. No story, just deciding to go out and murder everything. That isn't looked down upon, yet when a game takes the same idea and makes it the main focus, suddenly it's immoral and disgusting.

Bit hypocritical really.

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@mrdinghat Indeed, in Prototype you had to kill people to get health back, so civilian murder was all but mandated. Don't recall much hooplah about that

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google nexus and google game console

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I'm all for freedom of expression, but Hatred is going too far. Slaughtering innocents for no reason isn't fun, it's just sadistic. Weak minded kids who already are psychopaths who play this, will take them one step closer to doing it in real life.

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@greenpolyp If you're for freedom of expression then how can something go too far? Sounds like you're really not. Be honest with yourself and everyone else.

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@killedbyzack @greenpolyp So if Naambla created a game where you molest 6 year old boys under a weeping willow tree in zero gravity, then would you call that freedom of expression too?

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@greenpolyp Is the target audience kids? Don't think so. And before you say kids will end up playing just the same then their parents are irresponsible and shouldn't have kids.

Freedom should not be limited because very few people have brain problems (in case of kids) or are irresponsible (in case of parents)

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@Coret11 @greenpolyp Call of Duty's target audience wasn't 8 year olds, but they sure know the difference between a Sniper rifle and a Marksman rifle.

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@greenpolyp That is pretty much my thoughts exactly. It may be over the top and just might make the dumber kids out there try it in real life.

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I think Hatred is a game well worth playing and enjoying. I just worry about kids getting it and playing it and copying it. Adults should be able to dabble in whatever they want and any type of video game they want. I just would want to make sure kids under 18 do not get this game. Otherwise Hatred looks great!

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@Shivers_GotGame We need a way to distribute games like pr0n. AO ratings do nothing. We need a platform similar to Steam/GoG, purely for adult only games.

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@Kryptonbornson That sounds like a great idea!

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I'm not saying the Nexus player is a bad thing, but lets be bitterly honest and keep our english language on the straight and narrow . . .

The Nexus player is not a 'console' or a 'video game console'.

It's a media streaming device that also happens to play very small, weak mobile-like games.

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@NetGod thats nice... but did you need to make an alt account to say the exact same thing?.... oh, wait is that you chev(s)?

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@NetGod It is not a media streaming device also.... it is a full smart TV top box which play its own games and can receive streamed content.

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Hatred looks sweet and I love the black and white dark aspect of the game. The lead character of the game looks like Mick Thomson from slipknot and Kane mixed together, and honestly that's really awesome in itself. So would a school DLC be going to far with a game like that?... maybe a movie theater would do better...

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Hatred looks like a dark version of Postal 2

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Hatred looks like what most people do in GTA anyway. They basically gave themselves an excuse not to bother with a story, character development or good missions. I think I'd be bored with it after half an hour.

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Hatred's trailer is pretty much the re-enactment of "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" scene from Gladiator. People enjoy killing stuff in games even if it's thinly veiled behind some justification and they even lift that veil sometimes in games like GTA, going on rampage without any purpose than shooting stuff, confronting the game's world and what it can throw back at you. Hatred lifts that veil for you. It's not a game for everyone but its existence surely is needed to break from this hypocrisy of people merrily blasting off civilians and police in games and reload later.

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A game where you kill innocent civilians? Definitely a refreshing experience!

OUYA - silly name. Is it a Japanese equivalent for OUCH?

Like: OOOUUYAAA, I hit my head!

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Wow, that hatred game is really pushing some boundaries. I can see the media having a field day with it.

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maybe Hatred will give CNN something else to aim at, not just GTA

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why there is no news about Microsoft & Sony pressuring Ubisoft 30fps on PC?

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Because it's an unfounded rumour so far.

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@canuckbiker oh I see.

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It might turn out to be true, but if it is ubisoft will be boycotted by most of the pc gaming community. Especially since this was non-issue with any other AC game on pc.

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I am getting really tired of hack/slash/shoot/gore. Where are the epic rpg's with all the gimmicks and above all intelligent, gripping stories? Have all the good story writers been fed to the wolves????

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@JulyAeon You mentioned wolves. White Wolf is coming.

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hatred is really no worse than GTA, everyone has loaded up and gone rampage in at least one game, I think people have a hard time with the rampage being the objective.

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Hatred looks like an instant buy for me, finally a game that doesn't glorify violence and murders, doesn't hide from the fact that the player is always just a genocidal maniac, from someone's perspective.

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If the devs didn't try to launch this as "pure gaming pleasure" I would have put it in the same category as "The Road" or similar pitch black depictions of the most vile things humans are capable of. I might even have given it points for allowing you to play as the psychotic madman and put yourself in this very extreme position, to make a short and controlled trip into the mind of a person that is utterly consumed by hate. But it just seems to lack all depth and ambition to be anything else than happy-murder-funtime, with the premise and protagonist put in to be edgy and give an illusion of the game being about more than it's mechanics.

At the same time this happy-murder-funtime-game also looks to lack the ambition to be happy or fun. So it's just a game about murder. Just murder and brutality for it's own sake.

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@radeken Good point. What's next an expansion about sexual violence? "happy sexual abuse funtime" anyone?

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Ever heard of battle r@per 2?

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i really though far cry 3 was the best fps killing game (you can kill anything), but after finishing it i wonder what the game left me and the conclusion was nothing, i played okami for 2 hours and what it left me? the joy of helping everyone.

Far cry 3 was a good game in fact it doesnt encourage the violence without a motive, but if games like manhunt and this came the real reason they should be banned is not because gamers would turn up crazy and start killing real people most of us know the difference but because they dont left anything good in us.

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@wolfmgs No need to ban something, just don't play it. Too many governments these days presume to parent adults as it is.

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I NEVER comment here usually, but the game "Hatred" is going to ruin gaming for the rest of us. I'm all about freedom of speech and expression and I'd ask the developers to consider the effects of their expression.

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@firewalkerml What are you talking about? How one game can ruin gaming? It's like saying that one movie will ruin whole cinematography, which is obviously nonsense. The thing is that video games haters will be always there, so there's no real reason for trying to convince anyone that video games are enormously diversed. There are shooters, and grand strategy games. There are hack'n'slash clones and adventure games. The same with other media: just because Hitl3r wrote "Mein Kampf" doesn't mean that people shouldn't read books at all. I am against any form of censorship - even such games like Hatred should have been published. If you will agree for one exception, government (or other associations) will find another reason for censorship. For the common good obviously, which is very blurry concept. That's how freedom of speech is being limited. Step by step.

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@firewalkerml If gaming got through the postal series it'll get through this too I would think. "Hatred" has a nice look to it and some jarring animations when you consider the enemy isn't armed or generally trying to kill your avatar.

The only thing I have against it is that it seems a bit tasteless. Not something it should be banned for. If you don't like that stuff don't play it. I would just question the mirroring of a guy in a long black trench coat killing innocent people in city streets. Gaming get's you away from the real world. I reckon I'd feel a little ill playing it and then hearing about the next gun rampage on the news.

I'm not going to bother with it based on that. No offense to anyone looking forward to it, just my opinion.

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@firewalkerml Could not have said it better myself! All the anti-gaming commentators in the mass media and politics are going to jump all over it and proclaim "ALL GAMES ARE LIKE THIS"
As to the comparisons to games like CoD MW2 (airport) and Manhunt, those games used violence within a narrative context (you didn't actually have to shoot anyone in the airport, hell you could skip the whole level while Manhunt implied the bad guys were just as bad as the protagonist, not random civilians)

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I don't know what the real difference is between gunning down the civilians in the COD MW3 Airport Mission, killing regular soldiers in one of the hundreds of FPS, re-enacting real wars in RTS games or creating new wars based approximately around past events like Wolfenstein. I am still largely killing men and women (mainly men. I wonder if the feminists have addressed that imbalance yet?) that have families and friends etc etc, but the main thing all of those have in common is that they are all GAMES! They are not real.

I know the difference between a game and real life, only seriously mentally broken people don't know the difference. In which case those people were most likely going to go on a killing spree at some point anyway. Why should we not get to play certain games just in case a fruit loop shoots up a school?

You want to know how to stop people doing that? Don't sell guns to the public! How many people have shot up a school in the UK? Not a single one as far as I'm aware because pretty much no one has a gun in the first place! Not rocket science is it?