GS News - First Call of Duty Image Revealed; China Bans Violent Games!

China is censoring a bunch of games, 2014's Call of Duty character render image is unveiled, and Lords of the Fallen might not be 1080p on Xbox One.

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High resolution OR high framerate?

Pfff, console gaming... :P

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@LordCrash88 GTA 5 months ago, or maybe in the future?
PC only gamers. . sigh!

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@ahpuck Hm, don't care about GTA V that much. I hate playing the bad guy anyway. ;)

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@XD_pker_XD @LordCrash88 @ahpuck Why pathetic? Because you can't handle someone who isn't really interested in GTA? Grow up, dude...

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@LordCrash88 @ahpuck Wow,what a pathetic reply....

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@ahpuck GTA V without insane texture pop in?

Oh wait - moot point...

probably PC gamers too as Rockstar are a bunch of arseholes who can't optimise anything that isn't Max Payne 3.

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He only has one platform, lmao.

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@diego_corleone Beggars cant be choosers

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@ahpuck This is why I have a back up console, granted I only turn it on every 6 months or so. GTA 5 was the last reason, not sure there will be a next though. I'm currently using it as a coaster, I shit you not :D

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@LordCrash88 Well, I WANT BOTH. And PC can handle that perfectly.

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@LordCrash88 ?? You get it on PC, too. The difference is, we get to choose ourselves which to have instead of the developers locking down all the "confusing" options for us.

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They just forgot to add "Anything that is fun". Luckily my new game Petris: China is Great Edition is sure to be big.

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" Lords of the Fallen might not be 1080p on Xbox One" XBOX ONE STILL SUCK............................

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