GS News - Fallout 4 Update Out Now; Bethesda Will Have Another E3 Conference!

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My hopes for Bestheda annoucement: Yeah, so we decided to ditch Elderscrolls online and make Elderscrolls 6

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I'd want Broforce.

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ok as i said i would, my buddies said the division is good. now keep in mind these guys seem to like most FPS and TDS games, so it is all up to you lol :P

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These new motion graphics for the news videos are awful, it's like we went back to 2006. What was wrong with the previous visuals? They looked great!

Same goes for the new music, this one is way more obtrusive because of the higher frequencies it uses, it's like there's some annoying smartphone alarm clock playing in the background.

Also, the new icon and background in red and blue with these new graphics makes it look like I'm about to open a FOX News video about a crime or something else where police was involved.

Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with change, but this whole new thing feels like a step backwards.

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@JohnyMyko: I like it, music keeps u watching

broforce, it looks so lazy ... it copys metal slug but is totally effortless in the graphics

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@omotih: To me it's the other way around, this music makes me want to close the video.

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EA leaves but Bethesda returns. The balance of the force has been restored.

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@pauloamistad: :)

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OMG!!!! When will Bethesda come out with the G.E.C.K. already for Fallout 4?!?! If they released the G.E.C.K. mod tools, modders would take care of most of the bugs much more quickly than their staff. I get that they're trying to milk it, so they can sell $$$ DLC, but enough is enough. Like many, many, MANY other players,I have put this game down until the mod tools are released. I am starting to lose hope in Bethesda.

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New music. I like it.

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@megagene: yes. this was a good move.

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wouldn't mind more on Dishonored 2. Not to mention a cool new IP

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It's got to be the next TES game, it just got to be.