GS News - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer; GTA 5 For PC Has 7 DVDs?!

Get your first glimpse of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Microsoft wants to speed up the Xbox One UI, and GTA 5 for PC might ship on 7 DVDs!

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65 gb?! Not going on my SSD :(

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This reminds me of when Diablo II (if I remember correctly) came out with a choice of either 1 DVD or several CDs and I thought "Who has a computer capable of running new games but doesn't have a DVD reader?" Difference now is that BluRay really hasn't been as widely adopted for PCs and large part of the developing world doesn't have proper internet connection... that was a joke aimed at the at the US btw in case you missed it =)

Are USB-sticks large enough still to expensive to ship games on?

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I prefer physical. I purchase digital when the game is 75% off and doesn't take up too much space on my HDD or if it's a digital only game that's $15 and under. I buy AAA new releases like Arkham Knight on disc only.

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Want all my games on physical discs so I can sell that bad boy over the internet when I'm done with it! :)

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PC Blu-ray reader/DVD burner drives are about £25-30, just release a 2 Blu-ray pack for the 4% of hard copy people

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Rather own the hard copy of a game than the digital. At least i know I'll always have it. In the past I lost games because of contracts running out with developers.

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All you hard copy people - remember, lots of games still need Steam connection, for DRM, and quite often Steam won't let you install totally from disk, forcing you to download the bulk of the code!

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65GB install? Games companies are commiting suicide! More causal gamers will not want/know how to upgrade their hard drive,and will not, in this recession, have the money for a new PC!

To think, games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim need about 7GB and Witcher 3 will need about 25GB!!

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@Humorguy_basic: Witcher 3 on PC will be larger than 25GB, probably has 15-20 worth of dialogue alone.

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@mkeezay22@Humorguy_basic: Well, I know that on PS4 and XBox One that the install will be 50GB, but I did read somewhere that the PC version would be 28GB.and I don't know enough about consoles versus PC's with regards fata requirements to efinitely say i'm wrong.

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7 disks is stupid

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Physical - still easier to spend an hour installing something than to spend 30 hours downloading.

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I remember when it was 7 cd's in 2005/2006

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why do most pcs don't have blu-ray drives? why don't companies release pc games in blu-rays?

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My internet speed prefer physical copy..rather than digital download...8+hours just to download 4GB :P...

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@superbuuman: ouch

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Do ISP's still do download caps? Because I know until two years ago, I was on a download cap of 40gb per month. So would not have been able to download GTA V, without going over a month and half's worth of my download cap. It may seem backwards for Rockstar to release physical copies of GTA V, but there are people who's internet just isn't up to the job of downloading that large a file size.

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Hard copy for consoles (though, I rarely buy now that I use gamefly), but digital is king on PC. So much nicer to just have all your games accessible without having to store the discs.

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Jess, you are one hot sexy lady :p

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I prefer hard copies because it's faster than DL'ing for several hours. plus box art is cool to stare at...

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DEUS EX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally, something GOOD !!!!!!!

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Today I learned about TressFX and that, apparently, an NVidia card is not required for PhysX (it might require some fidgeting with ini files and more than a 2-core CPU, but that is more than doable today). Add to this that AMD seems to be trying to bring down the house next year (2016) with Jim Keller's work finally getting AMD's x86 CPUs back into competitive shape and AMD's 2016 Radeon series possibly using HBM DDR memory, then I might be looking at an all-AMD solution for my next big PC build.

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This is why they should have computers having Blu Ray players vs normal DVD players which most computers come standard with....Blu Ray would only need 2 disks. =( One day Blu Ray will come standard as DVD does now.

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@nomadie: I don't think that will happen because flash drives are just so useful and inexpensive now. Blu-rays are useful as an inexpensive read-only media, but the mechanisms to read them are complex. Flash is simply so much easier to manufacture, and digital distribution is quite convenient for people with at least half-decent internet (that's a lot of people), so I really don't think that blu-rays will ever become standard.

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I totally get why owning physical games is best but.... Steam changed all that for me.

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@thermalmotion: For me, having the physical copies of some of my favorite PS1, PS2, and PS3 games brings back good memories, so I like to keep them around.

But yeah, for PC games, digital distribution is a no-brainer.

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@amdreallyfast@thermalmotion: I still have my original Super Metroid Cartridge on display :)

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I remember an old x-files pc game that had about 10 disks but it was nearly all video on them. Shows how things have changed. I also thought that discs were defunct now as well

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@Shangelus67: Like approaching when CDs came around, the number of floppies a game needed started to get out of control :).

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wow, i didnt realise PC games were still sold in stores on DVD's !!! Get steam and dont worry about it.

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Cool necklace

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I prefer digital copy (like steam and origin) with the option to download it anytime of the year in case I uninstalled. I don't like to have a bulk library of physical games since they need space and dusting.

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Think I'd go physical this time around, 65GB is a pretty huge download.

Comcast has suspended its download limit, but it is still set at 250GB monthly.

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Physical even if I have to pay more.

But we certainly need a new type of disk (at least 100GB ones) that this time all the companies will support...

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@Coseniath: I believe the one version of Blu-ray can do 100GB.

It won't fix the problem anyway because optical media started to fade out, so Blu-ray didn't become a standard on PCs like CD and DVD did, almost no one has a Blu-ray drive in their PC.

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@hystavito@Coseniath: Yeah, why didn't blu-ray drives happen? Cheap USB sticks and external drives? High speed internet streaming/download? Never heard a real answer.

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@Pawfalcon@hystavito@Coseniath: Guyz the real problem was a patent war about blu-ray, that dvd and cd didn't have. Thats why I said all companies will support.

Do you think when we had DVD we didn't had USB sticks an external drives? Or do you think we didn't had high speed internet?...

We had both. I had 4GB usb stick at the time of first dvd appearance. And you could find 8GB and more too.

Not to mention DSL speeds wheren't invented today...

Read about blu-ray pattent war and you will see where companies destroyed blu-ray...

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Physical. Gamestop only accepts discs for trade.

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Hard copy, always. That way I don't have to worry about the whats going on on the other end, because there is none. I can simply install/re-install/play whenever I want. Not including some of these DRMs from recent years that can only have crawled out of sat**'s a**.

Oh, and Whoooo! Deus Ex! (missed yesterday)

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@Pawfalcon: I'm all about the hard copy for consoles, the prices are better which is funny, you can sell or trade in, and of course all that stuff you talked about is important.

However on PC I have just given in to digital. More and more games are digital only, the prices are way better especially if you go out of the mainstream market. I'm really against loss of traditional ownership and such, but on PC they just beat me down I guess :).

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@hystavito@Pawfalcon: Yeah same here. Those damn Steam sales and what-not :( I've got a backlog of dozens of games. They've hit some kind of nerve where its too hard to resist. "I can buy this game I've been meaning to play for a few years now or a Snickers... " but if a decent version is on console in hard-copy for $20-30 I'd still go with that 90% of the time.

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@hystavito@Pawfalcon: i agree, but i still buy what ever i can, hard copy for the pc, when i can

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@Pawfalcon: you had me at hard copy lol

EDIT: and after i read the rest you had me at sat.... ;)