GS News - Dark Souls 3 DLC Details Drop; Call of Duty 2 Coming To Xbox One!

Get the lowdown on all the microtransactions in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and find out when Dark Souls 3’s first DLC is arriving!

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The best Dark Souls 2 bosses were in the expansion. So hopefully...

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Here you can cheat, but you have to pay for it!

I stick to pc trainers/cheatengine if I ever want to cheat in single player games

Cheating used to be free in the past even on consoles if you look back at for instance the NES

People are such idiots to support microtransaction in paid games, especially in single player games

I enjoyed the previous Deus Ex, but am so not buying this game because of this and partially the Denuvo DRM on the pc version

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@xiomata: "Cheating used to be free" Heh, never thought of it that way, good point :). I have used cheats/trainers on PC games in the past, when I wanna mess with the game or its AI and see what happens, or a couple times in an open world game when I knew I'll never put in the time to play it properly but I still wanted to explore and get the story.

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I heard that the praxis kits and the disposable DLCs are one time use. Which would mean that even if you do a new game those bonuses are gone. So spend wisely!

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Hey Jess, did you color your hair?