GS News - Call of Duty Won’t Do Space; Batman PC Broken Until September!

The Uncharted Collection is dropping motion controls and adding difficulty, and Call of Duty developers think space is too sci-fi for the series.

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November 2016: Call of Duty in space gets released...

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If they do space COD could save even more money by not adding sound FX in it.

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@skipper847: It's a shame GS took away the 'like' function because you'd defo have mine.

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As well as not doing space, CoD also won't do a new game. Every year we get a glorified expansion of the same Sh!t.

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@dani_i89: Shit, I am kind of sci-fi space nerd- BUT I have to admit some of absolute FAVORITE scenes in COD: Ghosts were those two scenes that took place in the space was in the opening game. I intuitionally would just ignore the mission directives and do everything I could to NOT trigger the fighting part so i could just enjoy exploring the space station in those amazing ass graphics. Also, I may have been smoking a joint.

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Until September... damn they really messed it up. Let's hope WB learn from this.

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Someone at Rocksteady or WB needs to lose their job over this. I don't blame the devs it was contracted out to.

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Cod developers think space is "too sci-fi"??

...umm they do realize cod was already ruined by sci-fi garbage like laser guns and flippin jet packs right? You now have soldiers arms transforming into guns for Christ sake...Why stop at space?! Morons.

Lol @ the master race btw. Drop the elitist attitude, buy a console, save a couple grand and play the games you're missing out on. Problem solved.

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Pffft. COD will do space. Just wait until they run out of ideas a little more.

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@GreySeven: Ideas ran out YEARS ago...

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@dani_i89: I imagine there will be creative meeting one day down the line where someone at Activision says, "Zombies, Nazis *gasp* Nazi zombies in space!"

Someone else, "Make this happen!"

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@@GreySeven: Bit too ambitious for Activision there.....

I can see the headlines this year already - "Zombies...WEARING HATS" =O

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So, all I can get is that Rocksteady is a really influencial and powerful developer.
No publisher would accept that from any developers, just look at MKX on pc... nothing has been done to improve their outsourced port.

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So the new patch won't be released till Sept. either? So all the DLCs are unavailable either? That was very irresponsible. They should at least release some patches.

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I think this is great. Maybe I can get it for 10 bucks before they fix it. Batman that is.

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so as far as COD not going into space thats ok the pc people will have star citizen for that so it doesn't matter at least for the pc people :P

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@suppaphly42: if Star Citizen ever gets a release...starting to have doubts about it, like its too big of an idea. :P

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@superbuuman: noooooo it will happen don't lose faith :P lol

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Should have never been released in its condition for PC, obviously wasn't tested properly. :P

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CoD should do space sometime. nothing wrong with space.

would be cool to play a CoD game like that atleast to some.

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@sithalo: No, it wouldn't.

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@dani_i89: to some it would. not to you and not to some but to some it would. everyone has a type of something they prefer.

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@Suikogaiden: Australian spring, the seasons are switched around on the southern hemisphere

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@Supreme_Bananas: @Suikogaiden:

Er, no.

The seasons are switched around in the Northern Hemisphere.


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So that means is actually Winter in Australia now?

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@Suikogaiden: Yup winter here in Australia. :P

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@Suikogaiden: Southern hemisphere I guess, seasons are switched.

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They already have a CoD in space - Destiny and ME trilogy is also not so different.

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I didn't know anyone was asking for a Call of Duty in Space. I'm just sayin'.
I wouldn't mind a GTA in space though. I'd say the same thing about a Saints Row game but the fourth one pretty much a fair amount of the time.

I don't get why the PC version of Arkham Knight is so broken. Aren't these games made on PCs? Was the game released on PC without any testing because they figured they could just fix all the bugs after release?

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@BlueFlameBat: Well.. they did Borderlands in Space and it sucked balls. :(

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@kshap: You mean Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? I din't think it was that bad, but then I only played it for a few minutes... or maybe that was Borderlands 2. Regardless, just because one FPS taking place in space "sucked balls" doesn't mean another one would. I'm just sayin'.