GS News - 77,000 Steam Accounts Hacked Monthly, Dying Light Joke DLC Becomes Reality!

Xbox One boss says we can expect another Xbox console, Steam beefs up account security for item trading, and Dying Light gets water-themed DLC!

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It's pretty obvious the people who are hacked have turned off steam guard (which is a really bad idea). You need to also hack into the person's email account/ steal their phone if you want to get in when steam guard is on.

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@milkymilkshake: I remember turning off Steam Guard because it annoyed the hell out of me one day when I logged in from a different computer and kept waiting for hours until I could receive the damned email that allowed me to log in. Steam was down or some shit like that, but the experience was infuriating enough for me to say never again putting up with this shit.

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@milkymilkshake: They give their information away because they are dumb. They open virus files people send or click on links in forums or in their email. I've had my account since Steam came out, and never had it hacked. Funny how it works.

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Why is Steam card trading a thing? If that is one cause for an account being compromised, that is a reason to avoid it.

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Suddenly the video doesn't play, which I think it used to before; Firefox on Windows 7 x64, NoScript and Adblock Plus... Allowed (almost, or) everything & it's a no-go, can't watch it. Hmm.

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@nimd4: No script will stop everything from running.

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It would have been more useful if they said HOW people are being hacked. Is it just weak passwords broken with brute force or something else?

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Confirm the hacks are only on accounts that trade stuff?

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Dang, that's a lot of hacking.

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Dying Light My GOTY.

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@saoe: boring grindfest

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@dannydouble: Definitely a minority opinion. Dying Light was a blast. The most zombie fun I've ever had since stopping to play Left 4 Dead. Perhaps The Last of Us was definitely a lot of fun, too, but it's very different (mostly stealth) experience from Dying Light and Left 4 Dead's action.

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@dannydouble: U sir are in the minority in that opinion.