GS News - 2016’s Best-Selling Games, No Netflix On Switch At Launch

Chastity brings you the Top 5 - No Netflix for Switch at Launch, 2016’s Best-Selling Games in the US, Play as Ariana Grande in a Final Fantasy game!

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I really would like to know the truth behind all these top personalities leaving Gamespot. Other than the fact that the website's going in the wrong direction... and has become a DLC plugging commercial hog... and allows McHardy review... and doesn't have interesting shows... and has a bland personality... and seems to be at the mercy of AAA titles... and doesn't have journalistic integrity even for a gaming website... but I want to know their reason too.

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Well i guess Rob's gone too.

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Its sad to see Mary go, she brought great energy. Lets pray the Switch comes quicker to bring us joy.

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@iandizion713: Everything you say makes me cringe so hard :(

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Chastity, thanks for trying to prevent Mary from leaving. Lol. But such is life. Glad to see you creating these segments (along with Jess) now. You will be just as wonderful and someday when you decide to leave (but please hang around for awhile, PLEASE!) We'll be just as sad...

You're going to have a great year at Gamespot.