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Greedfall: 9 Minutes Of New Exclusive Gameplay

Take a fresh look at Greedfall, the upcoming RPG from Spiders designed to resemble classic BioWare games.

Greedfall is a new RPG that many have compared to classic games from BioWare. It's in fact developed by Spiders, the same studio behind games like The Technomancer and Bound by Flame. It's out now on Steam, but if you're eager to get a look at what it's like in action, you can check out the video above for some fresh gameplay.

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Greedfall is more Vampry then any Bioware game.. the only thing it has that resembles anything Bioware is the map system from DA:O.

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I am enjoying it thoroughly. Yeah it has technical flaws, but the world is beautiful and the characters very intriguing. Can’t wait to explore more!

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It could have been even better with more magic and without guns, but that`s just me. Still I sincerely believe that it will provide hundreds of hours gameplay.

Avatar image for nmikeal

I played a couple hours last night and it was really fun. It has a BioWare, Witcher vibe to it. Looking forward to seeing how the story plays out

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Gameinformer has a semi-review up now.

Short: It's playable, fun, but rough in spots.

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@promeym: classical from this dev. A patched version is pretty solid if you're fan of the genre.

Avatar image for Allenstergess

Looks awesome!

Avatar image for saltymemesoup

Looks bad.

Avatar image for ceaser1788

@saltymemesoup: trust me, I'm playing it on pc with my own personal RESHADE and it looks crazy beautiful.

Avatar image for saltymemesoup

@ceaser1788: What do you mean your own reshade?

Avatar image for TJDMHEM

is the game good?

Avatar image for supamastergamer

This looks like a game that's too ambitious for this small team

Avatar image for bluzima

@supamastergamer: Getting Elex vibes, Gamespot gave that a 4

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Since Bioware doesn't want to be Bioware anymore, I'd love to see Spiders take over that mantle. The better their games do, the bigger their studio and budget become, and the better games they can make. I'm looking forward to this game and seeing what they can do in the future.

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Top shelf caca.

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Any game that doesn't lift its review embargo this close to release is troubling...

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@millionsedge: It's not their choice. It's the company they work for, it's their general policy for every game that gets released. I think reviews come out at 5pm Eastern time in the US.

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@broncos1123: I hope it's a great game but historically games that don't lift are trying to hide something so they can squeeze in a few last minute pre-orders.

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@millionsedge: there are an other pb too ...Some greedfall game doesn't work on xbox one x. The game crashes when launching it ...So, silence es the word from all websites ... I say that ,I say nothing

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Risen but improved.

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Got a definite Fable vibe to it.

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looking good!