Greatest Game Series of the Decade: Sweet 16 Rundown

Voting in our Greatest Game Series of the Decade brackets? Don't place your votes without getting the rundown on the top 16 games first!

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omg pcs are going to kill consoles!!!! imgaine the sharing going on with instant access to 1000s of games!!!! omg

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Why hasn't anyone said how badly he talked about Zelda... He even voted against it O_O Come on people, Zelda won the hall of fame award, obviously it is the best series of all time, including the decade!

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Tomb Raider is the best series, but the reboot is horrible.

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@Agoonga reboot is awesome on pc!!!

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Assassin's Creed
Final Fantasy

I have to choose between Mass Effect and Bioshock??? ... Mass Effect. But very, VERY close call.

Elder Scrolls.

Souls wins from GTA

Batman kicks Payn's ass every time.

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@randallsilver Yes, but only because Batman has gadgets and Max is drunk all the time

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@puukusa @randallsilver LOL!! This comment made my day.

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was gonna say GTA but balls I didn't see "This decade"

We're only 3 years into this decade, discounting series that started prior to 2010, has any half decent new IP taken off?

Sequels after 2010 don't count, nor does DLC (looking at you dishonoured) the beginning of the series, I can't think of one

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Tough to beat that feeling of awe from the Mass Effect series, that feeling of twisted terror (and terrifying twists) from Bioshock, the epic scale of The Elder Scrolls or the sense of wonder and coolness that came with Assassin's Creed...

Those are my top 4, i guess. Not that it's easy between them and the other 12 series, but i hope one of those 4 wins it!

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they use bf4(a game that havent been released) to compare it to mgs?

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@Skullface1 They mean the series not the one specific game. I could say the same for MGS

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lol he voted for tomb raider instead of ac..ok seriously ?

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@machine32 yes seriously. and I agree with him wholeheartedly.

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Seems like this is more of a popularity contest than an actual search for the best era defining game...

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Hearing Sweet 16 instantly reminds me of the M16 and all them Nam movies/docos :S

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Batman won from Company of Heroes? That's rediculous...

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I really was/am hoping for TR , after all this time and especially with the NEW one , I just think it's deserving ! and sure UC is good , anyway I love to 3rd person and want TR ! RDR should not have been knocked out so early ?

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Shadow of the Colossus would have win, had it been on the list

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@nayce54 *had it been a series

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@Graphyte @nayce54 It is, the first part was ICO

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@jemoedr @Graphyte @nayce54 'spiritual' sequels/prequels dont count i think, its like saying goldeneye and perfect dark were the same series

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@Graphyte @nayce54 right :)

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@nayce54 Maybe if they'd got the last guardian out.

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I stopped watching after he said red dead got knocked out in the first round.

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@bfa1509 yeah, by zelda, i think thats justified

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@Graphyte @bfa1509 Fair enough, zelda has a bit more of a legacy I suppose. If it was a best game ever competition then Red Dead Redemption should be in the top 20 at least.

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@Anthony Zombo Uncharted*

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@Anthony Zombo Captain Obvious strikes again!!!

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@Anthony Zombo And what kind of a ghetto ass game is Brother Hood? Is that an AC where you play as mob boss Ezio trying to make a name by selling drugs in Los Angeles?

I have so many questions for you right now!

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@Anthony Zombo What is "Uncharcter"??? Have you ever enjoyed any game except that imaginary "Uncharcter" game of yours???

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@margevich What has been sharted cannot be unsharted

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@margevich Uncharted*

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people are 2 hipped (as am i) for the new gta but u cant count that one is not out. if u think gta 4 is better than dark souls, u got like messed up.

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I love the "Souls" games dearly but I voted for GTA. Why? Because although Dark Souls/Demon's Souls are incredibly innovative games GTA has possibly had the greatest cultural impact of any videogame during the last decade. What Rockstar have achieved reaches beyond gaming and influences popular culture like few other games.

To uber-non-gamers videogames consist of Space Invaders, PacMan, Mario and GTA with a possible side order of Frogger and Tomb Raider.

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wow the got the souls series fk up. gta is great but after a while it gets boring as fk, not counting gta 5 cuz i never played it, but gta 4 after killing 1000 drug dealers and smashing some hookers it gets boring as hell with that garbage combat it had. the souls series made a game no one has made before there is no game that can say they are like the souls. i guess kids love doing drugs and shooting on video games

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@realshooter305 Agreed...GTA is just a mindless game altough its enjoyable..

but thats it...nothing special..

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@Nino Plevnjak I dont think you understand how statisctics and opinion/demographics work. People voting for what they truly loved shows the truth in the numbers and graphs in the end.

You cant hide from the truth when a game truly is good ...and im pretty sure whatever game will end as #1 it will be amazing to most of us and we will agree to it :)

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@infinity_ thats not tru. there are some games more popular than others for reasons that are dumb. 12 year add kids wanna run n get the most kills thus y cod sells the way it does, but this video got the souls game fk up. souls revolutionize the rpg genre. there is nothing like it.

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demons souls and dark souls say HI!!! to all incoming challengers, no competition.

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where is uncharted???????

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This competition is kind of heart breaking and a bit unfair.

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Elder Scrolls online must wins :)

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This tournament sucks. It's not even for most of those games to be losing,

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This is utter bull.

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Why didn't you guys just announce at the beginning of the video whether or not we regard the WHOLE series or THIS DECADE, Final Fantasy fans seem to have a problem with this.

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@DIGN They announced that when they were seeding them.

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