Greatest Game Hero: Lara Croft

The heroine of the Tomb Raider series has traveled the world to compete in the All-Time Greatest Game Hero competition.

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First Tomb Raider games hard as nails. Love 'em! Today's games make my nose really red as the game holds it and tells me what to do!

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I love Lara Croft, I'm so glad that I have been dedicated to all of the Tomb Raider games. It has such a great story line, and Lara is a wonderful character, whenever I'm doing anything in my life like being out in wilderness, I can feel her adventurous spirit running within me. I'm glad that she is being honored as one of the greatest game heroes, because I truly believe that she is.

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2 and 3 were my favs. best locales in the whole series, great wall, himalayas, venice, area 51, south pacific islands, india. omg they should at least do an update of them like perfect dark on xbox marketplace

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I think it's one of the best games...........ever

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I am completely surprised that she didn't place higher. Lara has the longest running series of heros ever!

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She's lost against Mario:(

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She is the One and Only! Hopefully next game, under Square Enix, will be the greatest!

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I really believe she deserves to Be the champion, she is amazing. Sincerely i have all the games and my icon is based on her. Filipe Gerson

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Now that's whats up!!! II cannot believe she one. Pretty stoked about this!!

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Lara is cool

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Totally expected to be Lara! She Rocks!!

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so lara's the champion. i like this character,but guessed snake or mario wld make it as champion

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Woo! Gordon Freeman made it!!!

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OK, so why the update? Nothing new here