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The Amazing Thing is That gorden dont talk and we have only couple of pictures of him , but still we love him more than any game hero ever ! his is awsome !!

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yep best hero of all time crowbar + scientest = freeman

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PhD in theoretical physics but pummeling stuff with a crowbar, that's definitely applied physics XD. Why he's so great: PhD AND a badass - what are the odds? Manly facial hair Never says a word because actions speak louder. Presumably Freeman received combat training at some point in his life, or maybe he's superhuman and doesn't know it. I hope they explore this at some point in future Half Life releases.

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Ahhhh can't wait for the Episode Three to be released. Come one Valve, it's been 4 years! I want that game soooo badly. Give us a release date!

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I love Half Life and Gordon Freeman! I mean, how can you beat a SCIENTIST with a crowbar taking on aliens and eventally the army?!

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Agreed 100%

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Half Life 2 is the greatest game ever made. The first one was revolutionary but I liked this one better. And the following episodes were also great. I love it

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The most badass silent man ever.

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i really like freeman and his games he sould win but he dosent talk he has no personality gordon is you are the one controling him but he is still awesome

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@lazer team forterss classic was first a big half life 1 mod so yha mabey!

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Love the rocketjump show. :) Great work, although, was that Team Fortress Classic? I ask because the TF2 I play today doesn't have the same weapons and the uniforms and all that is a bit different.

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Freeman for president!!! :D

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@LeaderOfLies, the orange box has been worth buying ever since it came out, highly recommend you buy it!

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is the orange box worth buying now

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Everyone loves Freeman

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Half Life series is the best! Gordon Freeman IS the coolest superhero. Hehe, "nuff said"

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Theamazing55 @ Why would Gordon need to talk? His Crowbar speaks for him. Nuff Said.

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never played half life but gunna borrow orange box from my friend

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I'm a huge Half-life fan, but I don't think Gordon Freeman is the best game hero simply because he's barely a realized character. He hasn't said a word in the entire series.

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@Thatguythatuno, The interview was from '06, so maybe their intentions have changed since then. Basically in the interview, Valve says that the episodic releases ARE HL3, and that by releasing a series of 'episodes' gamers won't have to wait years to play HL3. They also mention something like "if we designed HL3, we'd be working on it until we all retire". They also mention that Episode 1 should have been called "Half-Life 3, Episode 1" Again, I totally disagree with this way of thinking. Look at games like Bioshock, COD, etc... They pump them out pretty fast and the graphics and gameplay always deliver. They could easily make HL3. Besides they are unveiling their new Source engine soon, and what better way to usher in a new engine, than releasing the sequel to their best series? At least we'll have the original Half-Life remake (Black Mesa) soon. Anyway, here's the interview: << LINK REMOVED >>

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@glassjaw7 first off were did you read this interview? And secondly i seriously doubt that there not going to make some sort of sequel. I mean it take some pretty f@!?$n stupid people to just end the series all together after the epic cliff hanger at the end of episode two. Like you said though they have to be working on it. And now since its been three years since the last game now i doubt its going to be anything short of amazing but seriously were is this interview? i want to read it

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One of, if not the BEST series ever. HL2 was one of the most amazing gaming experiences I've ever had! If only Valve would quit messing around and just make HL3!! I read an interview where someone at Valve said that they might not make HL3 because it would take too long to make it have the same impact and the same technological advancements that 2 had. That's b.s. Look at Modern Warfare series. Every game looks stunning and they pump them out every year or two. I know they have to be working on it. I know it will be amazing when it finally is released.

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@bondfan2 Freeman was voted the greatest, don't worry. :P

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Half-Life just rocks. Played all of them, never dissapointed, and still wanting more of it.

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who was the greatest game hero was it good old freeman or did he lose thanks to fanboys to other series who cant believe half life is so good

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Half Life Forever...

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Halflife was the most epic game I ever played. Half life 2 and the episodes that followed it where even more epic. O the screams of the combine as I blasted them in the face with my shotgun. I can't wait for Half life 3. Should be better than any COD game.

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There is no way he envisioned himself saving the world from para-dimensional aliens when he graduated from MIT, but he rises to the challenge spectacularly...

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He doesnt talk he lets his gun do that and his gun only knows one very loud word,try to guess it (hint:BANG)

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say, when will left 4 dead have gorden freemen in it?

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he soooo epic he could make a chuck nooris cry BEAT THAT SMA FISHER! NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!

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he does kill zombies and save the world but it would be nice if he said something

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Action speaks Louder than words

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Well if Valve ever does decide to make episode 3, im hopin they just make a full length half life 3 instead. At this point an 8 hour episode is not going to be worth all the waiting and torment Valve has put us thru. However, im still excited as hell for portal 2.

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This is not a great game hero. Gordon Freeman has absolutely no personality and he cannot be characterized. You can't like or dislike him. Gordon Freeman is you! - the player.

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gtracer65 Obviousely you,ve got yourself in the wrong the wrong place. Don't start with me on gaming okay. You obviousely don't know who I am. I don't think you know yourself either. I am sorry I made you cry a bit making fun of your little Gordon Freeman. But watch who your calling a retard

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Other heroes just talk, talk and talk. Gordon Freeman doesn't need words to save the world.

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he should get some cheerleaders!

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@gtracer65 Master queef is right funny how a spelling mistake can turn your whole argument against u. no but halo sucks half-life better

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@bigboss1203 Me to : )

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indeed he is. and btw, the EP3 will take place in Chernobyl, Ukraine, you can find it out in the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R game. just kidding. don't take it for serious. But there was such an easter egg in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game.

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Nuff said

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wait episode 3 for in future the Half-Life 3!!!!! wating... Zzzzzzz....

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....it lol

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I still wanted Solid Snake to win. But Gordan Freeman does deserve.

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Oh, get over it. Master Chief lost. Gordon Freeman won. People voted, and they voted for Gordon Freeman. GET OVER IT. About the portal thing... yeah, Master Chief did do that, but Gordon Freeman saved the Earth from an EXTREMELY similar situation (I think). Plus, Freeman games were 50% off on steam for the week of his victory, so I'm definitely not complaining.

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@dukre115 anyone who thinks that is a retard a crowbar can destroy master queef. ps he saved earth from being invaded by blowing up a superportal. 'nuff said.

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Indeed, greatest hero of all time! Words don't save the world, but Gordon Freeman does.

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I still think Master Cheif is the greatest game hero. He save a whole galaxy.