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last time I played that game a tree turned into a rainbow be hide me

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The player of the games wasn't really that good, but oh well. :P

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DK is awesome!!!!! The Donkey Kong Country Returns was the reason I got a Wii.

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Donkey Kong Country is 1 of the (many) reasons I still own my old SNES. DK is my homeslice!

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DK is good but mario is gooder

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i like DK but we all know Mario is going to win The Greatest Game Hero. Am I right

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To bloath If you're talking about rare then you're wrong Nintendo made DK but Rare was just making his games from country to 64 after that Microsoft bought Rare So now it's hard to have a good DK game

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Agree. that's one of the reasons why I hate the Xbox products and Microsoft.

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The only nintendo character I like isn't even made by nintendo :P

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i've always liked donkey kong and donkey kong will always and always will be my favourite chracter

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Dk is Great da song is great everything about DK is great

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DK is like ownage

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I LOVE this song and DK kicks ass

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i'm sorry but this video is terrible

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Bad music.

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Why aren't these videos showing more heroics...?