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Cloud vs Zack is a hard battle to predict, who knows how strong Zack would have gotten if he had lived. However, to be honest, I can't think of a single thing Zack did in Crisis Core that Cloud couldn't have done. Moreover, I can think of some things Cloud's done that Zack couldn't (like defeating Sephiroth). It's pretty much certain though that a Cloud and Zack teamup would be pretty much unstoppable...

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Lol..its funny to say that without zack cloud wouldn't be here!!well guess what w/o cloud's FF7 success there wouldn't be any crisis core sequel and hell yeah we wouldn't even know zack instead of him being a minor character in FF7...so cloud rules alongside sephiroth..they make FF7..nuff said!!

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neither cloud nor zack best is sephiroth

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if there is no zack, cloud will never be a soldier, maybe he become a shinra troops. so i will say that zack is more better than cloud and zack is more powerfull.

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@Kill-Zone 99 Kratos wasn't really a hero he was just doing it for his own selfish reason.

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ohyup go cloud! :]

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Cloud's awesome but Zack Fair is the best video game character ever.

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Is the video of Cloud a movie or actual cut scenes from FFVII.

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abu_eljod Kratos, Dante, Squall if he aimed all his Limit Breaks to Bahaumut's head like in the original game (Im not implying that thats the only way he could do it, its just a definate solution) Nero from DMC 4 definently he could pick it up by the head and slam it on the ground like he did with that giant fire demon and he list goes on...

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Clouds doin' great. But thumbs up if the should make a FF VIII remake n the NGP (PSP2) or the PS3 coz Squalls sik! :)

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Edricane Cecil has his own video game, its called Final Fantasy IV. Look it up :D

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gogeton well duh, like we said we knew very little about Zack so of course Cloud was seen as better but now that we've experienced Crisis Core that opinion has changed for many, read between the lines... -_-

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Woot Woot!!! Cloud Strife! :D

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course Zack is the best but I respect Cloud too cause 'He is Zack's living legacy'. Hell, Zack and Cloud totally rule man!!!

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zack is soooooo more lovly! if there wasnt him cloud was a... stupid soldier! but any way he(cloud)is nice

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Go Cloud! Thats my boy right there! :D

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Cloud baby! all the way!!

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cloud, sephiroth, the title final fantasy 7 is just amazing

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Cloud is da bomb

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those pics r from the movie

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Cloud forever!

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Cloud may be emotional and depressed but hes way stronger when he is out of it.

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Go Cloud!

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Cloud's the Man!

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no afence but i srsly think zack fair way beter cuz without zack cloud wouldnt be as good as he is now and zack fair killed intire shinra army sucks how he dies tho he should be like sephiroth an come back

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@arbitor365: You talk rubbish. Cloud has strong personality nad a complex nature. Bang on about Final Fantasy IV and VI's characters all you want, none of them have a story as deep and compelx as Cloud.

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Final Fantasy VII should never be remade. Just let it's legacy live on as it is.

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cool video, they should remake FF VII for current consoles

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Cloud is a great character because he actually has quite a bit of depth to him, has an interesting back story, and it's exactly completely 'good.' He has quite a bit of gray area when it comes to heroes. He doesn't try to be the good guy, he just does what he thinks must be done. Unfortuantly Advent Children kind of murdered the character but FFVII Cloud is epic.

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Tidus is awesome except for his annoying voice. Squall is pretty bad ass but Cloud is what most people think of when they hear Final Fantasy so there must be some good reason why he is one of the greatest video game icons

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Cloud is by far the greatest FF character, but one blast of Luminaire from Crono would leave him a smoldering pile of goo. Crono pwns.

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Cloud is a great character and will be remembered as one for a long time, however after playing Crisis Core i'd have to say that Zack is the better character of the two. Overall though, i'd have to agree that Squall is THE greatest, but thats my opinion :)

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Cloud is the most overrated character of all time. He is a poorly written, poorly motivated, emo bastard who doesnt appreciate anything he has and does nothing but whine for an entire game and 99% of a movie. its pathetic. anime fanboys love his big swords and brooding personality. thanks, but no thanks. im going to stick with characters with actual personality and complexity. im going to play game with real character depth, FFIV. then im going to play FFVI, an equaly great game. you guys keep your brooding emo punk. im going to watch the adults here.

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Lemme agree. Squall is a beast. Of course after seeing FFVII: Advent Children, the sequences were amazing. But FFVIII is in my opinion the best FF out there. Squall being the badass that he is.

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tidus ff X

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I'm a big fan of Cloud's 'darker' personality. Like at the end of Dissidia when Squall's like "Maybe we'll fight together in a battle again someday.", and Cloud's response is "Not interested". Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 also portrayed his character well. To all the Zack fans, I agree, Zack is awesome, but lets face it, deep down none of us thought that until we played Crisis Core. Up until then we knew very little about him.

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Cloud is awesome, don't get me wrong, but Squall is the greatest game hero.

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Cloud is amazing! He can spin a giant sword with one hand!

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Cloud is damn bloody amazing people cmon! theres been some bad mouthing of cloud but he's interesting atleast his not your typical all smiles hero who dosent seem to do anything bad and has lame life lessons in his speech....i like the heroes who are good but do some crazy crap like cloud,kratos,dante and even solid snake all of them manage to save the world and not look like a tool in the process so char designs like that should be bowed to. @ rin_risque19 WAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING??!?!?! Sephiroth was way more evil then that lil sorceress twit in ff8. Sephiroth when i first played final fantasy 7 he used to give me chills every time he appeared on screen like someone walked over my grave i dunno if it was the crazy scene with that desert snake impaled on the tree or when he left his mark all over the shinra building but something about him freaked the hell out of me even when he appeared in kingdomhearts but that sorc in ff8 i like her design and all but she didnt intimidate me not one bit but lets put it this way id rather see that sorc alone in a dark alley then sephiroth.

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cloud is badass

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Cloud is great and all but id have to give it to Zack

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Cloud is very cool but Zack fair is the best ;)

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As those 2 people below...Zack is the best, and those that really know the story, would vote for him

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Cloud? He's good..but, I would pick Zack over him..

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You know I'd prefer Cecil, he deserves his own video game. And not the emo Cecil from Dissidia.

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Clouds the best game hero in my book

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sergeant grayson should be the one. He saved OUR world.

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Zack please.

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Kratos beating Cloud in a better hero contest? Thats ridiculous...

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