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Great Xbox Game Pass Games Not To Miss

Xbox Game Pass continues to offer a diverse selection of games, from heavy hitters like Sniper Elite 5 to indie gems like Vampire Survivors.

In them midst of delays, it's easy to think 2022's release schedule looks barren. But Xbox Game Pass presents the contrary. Every month, the Microsoft gaming service sees plenty of games coming to Xbox Game Pass, from heavy hitters like Sniper Elite 2, to tamer titles like Norco or Citizen Sleeper. Game Pass offers a diverse roster of games to satisfy gamers of all walks of life seeking different and new experiences, Like the photography sim Umurangi Generation, or the Akira Kurosawa inspired samurai action game Trek To Yomi. There's also some classics on there, like Pac-Man Museum+, which features 14 Pac-Man games, including the original and Pac-Man: Battle Royale. Here's 8 games for you to check out with you subscribe to Microsoft's Game Pass.

We make these lists monthly, so if there wasn't a game you saw that you'd suggest, drop it in the comments.

Subscription services like Game Pass are a great way to try something new that you may have otherwise. So I challenge you to boot something up you wouldn't have otherwise, just to give it go. Cause you who knows, your next favorite game could be one you never considered playing in the first place… like Paradise Killer. And yes I'm talking about me.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for everything game related here at GameSpot.