Gravity Rush 2 Review, Scalebound's Cancellation, 2017 Predictions - The Lobby

This week on the Lobby we talk with Peter Brown about his review of Gravity Rush 2, Scalebound's unfortunate cancellation, our 2017 predictions and more.

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    Hey guys, really enjoy everything you put out. Every week you provide my drive into work with great information about the latest gaming news. I know you guys were asking for something that we would like to see and personally I would love it if it were possible to have some sort of thing where the community could play a game together. It wouldn't be able to be every week or even month for that matter, but pick out a couple big new releases throughout the year the group could play and on one of the following Lobby s discuss it in the comments and during your show. Just a suggestion.

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    Scalebound was supposed to be MS Bayonetta 2. Looked rough but given PG's pedigree there was hope. Shame we had to lose it.

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    no way halo 6 comes out this year. fall 2018

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    Thank you !

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    The only thing worse than a sony fanboy is one that's over opinionated. Everything Peter says about M$ can be counter pointed. He critiques M$ for not taken chances and bashes them for taken chances on games like Quantum break and Recore. Then questions M$ commitment to their XBox division but doesn't M$ listening to their fan base and giving them a more powerful console show their commitment to the games. XBOX one has just as many First party successful titles and Sony. I have to think with scorpio coming out this year they could have taken a step back to look at all of their projects to see where they could make new or better experiences which could definitely have effected their portfolio this year.

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    Ooh, the last "Lobby" in its current form! Looking forward to seeing the tweaks starting next week.

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    Nice lighting in this episode.