Gods Eater Burst TGS 2010 Gameplay Movie 1

Check out this gameplay footage from TGS 2010 for Gods Eater Burst for the PSP.

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game testers kinda aggravate I am uasually really bad at games till I get in the zone but dang I can do better than this.

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yea the game looks like a prime example how Fantasy 7 advent children shudda been made on a console

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I greatly prefer this than monster Hunter. i mean it's good but the bosses in monster hunter sometimes go from challenging to a simple pain in the ass. I mean sometimes my character takes to long to drink A ***KING POTION! and i end up killed or i die because my barrel roll isn't fast enough and can't cover enough ground. As a person who has 50+hours in MH i know what im talking about. I also played the *** version of this(G.E) so i know what im looking forward too. Plus G.E is more for anime fans(which i am)

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qwertyboi Naaa, it's more like Phantasy Star than Monster Hunter, Lord or Arcana is like Monster Hunter...

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From the gameplay above: 1) animations lack beef*, u know those that make MH feel believable and what MH is. Character doesn't show the weapon physics, any wpn is swung like its a feather. 2) boss has only a few set moves 3) attacks are only a handful, whr's the variety we see in both wpn class and wpn combos MH has

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Looks like a monster hunter with more button mashing and less skill requirement...with an anime spin. Meh...

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looks good

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looks interesting. I'll keep it on my radar. looks like Monster Hunter: Easy Mode (which still isn't that easy. MH is hard sometimes.) If that's an early monster/god/whatever they're called in this game, then this could be a very worthwhile endeavor.

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Monster hunter is nice but damn it needs a proper story line >.> this looks to be a nice filler in that respect

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Hmm.. This looks like a fun game.. But then I only saw a minute of footage *shrugs*

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OK this game is hella fun. I mean MH is good but the much need action boost works perfect with this. Glad to see they are getting this to the states. Stop hating on this game, if you like MH then this should be a very welcome addition to your well hunting style needs. MH, DW, Phantasy Star, and now God Eater are the few choices you got for this 4 player co-op, quest type titles. You should enjoy or at least try to enjoy the few you have. Its not like they are WoW clones, or one of the many fps that just try to wrangle money.

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Monster hunter is a terribly frustrating and boring game. this looks way more action oriented and fun.

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wow fanboys and besides when did monster hunter ever have strategy!?

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Really wish people would cut the fanboy bull$#!^. ------------------------ Wowwwww... This better be a worldwide release, for real. They didn't even release the first one overseas yet. I know they said Burst is going to be, but the gameplay is still in kanji/kana.

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Ill get this, just to play it, but do they not realize monster hunter 3 portable is almost out? There arnt that many monster hunter knock offs for a reason... MH has that market cornered

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monster hunter rip off without any strategy or tactic... just stab and hit till its dead.

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reminds me of Phantasy Star Portable

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where was the strategy or even challenge in that? You just keep stabbing the dragon thing until it falls over and...then you just keep slashing it.

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Monster hunter with a weapon switch, nice, I just hope it has an actual pause menu.

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MHP3 coming out end of this year. God Eater doesn't stand a chance.

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I see....so it's like Monster Hunter....but with a twist...

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@ZeroKilledX: No, they didn't release it outside Japan. BTW, if I'm not wrong, this is an enhanced version of the first one, not a second one, in case you didn't know.

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Looks great.

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Did they release the first one here?