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God of War Spoiler Discussion

Just beat the new God of War for PS4 and desperately want to talk about it? Us too! We hide away from everyone else so we can chat about our feelings on spoiler-heavy moments, from the mid-game surprise to the ending and what it means for sequels.

God of War has been in the wild for nearly a week now, and people are reaching the end of Kratos' newest journey. And if you're among those who have reached the end, you know there is plenty ofpotential for spoilers.

However, in the video above, we remove our filters and dive into every plot point and story revelation we can recall from our time with the game. If you have any lingering questions after your journey with Kratos and Atreus, maybe we answer them! Maybe we don't! Maybe we got everything completely wrong, and everything went over our head.

Either way, God of War is a superb game, and we'll be releasing more features, news, and interviews for Sony's newest release in the coming days.