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@Michael1571: Man u r funny.

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Well that was all sorts of interesting. The new camera. The influx of emotions beyond simple rage. The use of speech that isn't shouted. The fact that it's still called "Spartan Rage".

What does it all mean?

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Well, if he has his kid around for the whole duration ofthe game, hopefully, there won't be any cheesy embarassing sex scenes this time.

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Graphics are impressive, however game play is extremely absent, this game is far too cinematic, its gonna be good for a single play through and then that will be the end of it, it feels like The Order all over again.

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Impressive graphics... makes me wonder why people bitch so much about ps4 being under powered, this game looks even better than some games on pc... get a life trolls!

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@angeloti83: I bitch about the current consoles being under powered. But it has never been about the graphics. It's because they for the most part are running at half the framerate or less than what should be considered normal in 2016.

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@ahmetxca: I was worried about no chain blades, but I like the axe especially the way he just summons it back to his hand. Plus, the gain blades were part of Greek mythology, and since it's a new story with new mythology makes since no chain blades.

Also, and too hystavito, also they did say they're revamping the whole attempt.

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If I was to nitpick, I wish the camera was centered.

The skill point system is reminiscent of Skyrim and Tomb Raider.

I'm excited for this new chapter in the series.

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I'm liking this new third person view God of War has now. The other games never really appealed to me but this one looks intriguing.

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>God of War

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The Giant is probably one of the firegiants from Muspelheim (fireworld in the south). He could even be the giant Surt who wants to conquer Niflheim (Iceworld in the north). Kratos was probably brought to Valhalla by a Valkyrie after his death in GOW3.


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I think Kratos is the boy...


I guess Sony already stated that Kratos is the father, he will be the playable character, and it won't be open world. That answers most questions.

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@TigusVidiks: Nice idea, you're probably right!

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@TigusVidiks: I was wondering about that too :).

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Great game! But this is not God of War. This seems to be a game with an open world with tomb raider like gameplay...

Sorry but where are my chain blades?!

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@ahmetxca: I'm not a huge fan of the God of War series but you are totally right, even the camera is totally different. Unless this is just an into/backstory/something you could kinda say they have basically killed off God of War. I guess any series that runs long enough that's bound to happen eventually.

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Wow lots of emotions, what a badass dad! And now I have to get a PS4 :D

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looks great... the only ps4 exclusive that makes me wa nt to buy a ps4

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@Roy8686: Too bad you passed Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne...

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@ahmetxca: not really into those type of games...

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@Roy8686: you dont know what your saying, i said the same but man bloodborne is adictive as hell it change my way to see games, and uncharted its a masterpiece with the best graphics/design ever

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Looks a bit too much like assassins creed 3 I'm sure it'll be good though

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@rodoxthedark: of all the comparisons you go with assassins creed 3? because he has an axe?

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@normanislost: no, the camera angle, the forest setting the small kid the whole feel, the hunting the deer, the slow spirtual kill, and now you mention it yes he has an axe, obviously the fighting has more God of war action

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I'd have preferred hack and slash combat since there is a small amount of those nowadays, still looks great though.

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I am in love with this.

Watching it again and again for no reason.

my mind is not working!!!!

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This looks so good. I.m.o. better than the previous arcade like games (was still good).

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Ryse: Son of Kratos

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Never played any God of war games before but this looked good and love the viking setting.

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So, they ditched fixed camera angles, made combat less fluid, and toned down the violence. Now it looks like some generic third person action game, altough with amazing graphics.

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I've never been a big fan of God Of War but I might pick this one up.....I kinda like what this one is doing....

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And this is the game that makes me buy a PS4.

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Does not look like god of war to me, yeah guy is like kratos but he's not kratos, combat is not slash and dash it's more like Dark souls and witcher combat camera combo, they use just god of war name for MARKETING, game looks good though.

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@wexorian: That IS Kratos.

After he beat zeus and gave hope to the world, the world reformed and new gods came about, thousands if not millions of years went by and either kratos stayed immortal or was rebirhted into the new universe, it IS kratos, just an older or rebirthed him.

I did want hack and slash though.

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@putaspongeon: >is Kratos

A bastardization of him. Not even voiced by T.C. Carson.

>gave Hope

He spited Athena while killing himself to deny her this power she had called forth originally. He didn't 'give' it to anyone. Just released it from himself. After dispersing, it would be of no use to mortals with no knowledge or ability to wield it.

>world reformed and new gods came about

Speculation (though likely).

>time elapse



He was only ever as such during his time as a deity.


Possibly, but I doubt he reformed the old scars (present on this model).

>wanted HnS

You wanted GoW. This is not GoW. As the other gent noted, this is marketing antics. They couldn't make a new IP without using brand recognition (same as their cash grab "Ascension" with that pitiful and misguided multiplayer attempt *despite history and vet warnings*). Executive meddling hasn't finished with this fanbase just yet, I see.

NOTE: DMC fans had to stomach DmC, but this betrayal may be worse. We kept our MC, but he will be further made not himself, the world is completely altered and the gameplay genre itself has changed (the grandest error of all).

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@MrStarkiller: Different voice actor because this is a game, not real life.

He survived the stabbing, it's like you never played god of war 3, they showed the bloodstain crawling away after hope went into the world. Also no, hope came an abstract thing after kratos did that, giving it to everyone instead of athena having it for herself, he essentially wanted to get rid of the unequality of power so a god can't do horrible things to humans on a whim.

Well when I say reformed, I mean it became back from the hellscape we saw over years of time.

Honestly Kratos was a huge issue with the old games and it seems he's matured up since the original game out of years of experience, he's the same character but he's got family again and so he's not an avatar of rage only anymore. I'm honestly expecting kratos or the kid to die though and for things to hit the fan, I'm not a fan of the gameplay but everything else seems good, I don't think multiple playthroughs will be that fun though considering how much exposition there will be.

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@putaspongeon: >because 'no reason'


>survived the stabbing

You say this as if I implied otherwise.

>played GoWIII

VH PAIN+ and beyond. Yourself? Speaking of which, shall I teach you how to play GoW proper? I don't mind bringing another up to vet status. It is among my functions in that community. Though, I suppose starting with run history is in order.

Which entries have you played? Of those, which have you completed? Which do you currently have available to you? What is the highest setting you've bested on each (E, N, H or VH)? Which 'challenges' have you cleared (CoH, CoAr, CoAth, CotG, CotT, CoO and CoE)? This should suffice for a starting point.

>Hope is an abstract

No, in GoW is is a power that Athena summoned up long ago (placing it in Pandora's Box with the Evils). Kratos, after having just forgiven himself for accidentally killing her, opted to spite this corrupted form of hers by impaling himself to toss the power away (making it useless *as few if any knew of it, much less had a means to harness and use it*).

He isn't doing a thing for mankind here by intent (just as he dismissed them throughout his other revenge quests). That is not his character (the newest entry seeks to change this *where previous 'humanizing' attempts were insufficient).

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Looks good, and less 90s cheesy haha

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look great, look amazing !!! ..... a usual sony amazing us with this game :D . i cant wait to play Yooohooooo

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@ranidweik Get their balls out of your mouth. Graphics look good but this doesn't look like GOW to me and I'm not even what you'd consider a GOW fan.

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