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God Of War DLC Plan Was "Too Ambitious" - GS News Update

People told Cory Barlog that his idea was "crazy."

God of War was as critical and commercial success on PS4 in 2018, but so far it has received no DLC expansion. Director Cory Barlog did have an idea for potential DLC, but it was eventually canned due to its scale. The DLC would have been standalone, akin to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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So god of war 2 (reboot)

Avatar image for outlawwitcher61

You guys really had to make news out of this? You couldn't at least find out what the idea that was too ambitious was? Jesus, must be dead today at the office!

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Tell us the idea so we can support your vision or agree with the producers who did not put their asses on it.

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Hit the breaks, Cory Barlog! Don't be making a game that is too awesome. No one will buy it. We only want safe, OK games. Not awesome, crazy ones! Said no one, EVER.