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Girl With a Heart of Stone.

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OF WHAT?!!!!

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So wait, the enemy is light based? Cool.

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Ok ppl... stop whining... it might be interesting or it might not... but remember all those games that were made by the end of the 90's??? If you check the rating on those kinda games on gamespot... they pretty much all in the top ranks, often exceding 9 outta 10.... so dont be too quick to judge a game that looks a bit like the '' back in the days '' games...

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I've seen worse. at least the art is different.

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Very outdated. Even the way the trailer is produced looks like it came from the 90s. Doesn't look too intriguing so far. Got very little information from the trailer.

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It looks like an interesting game, hope it is not gender specific.

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@Erzcn24 Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

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ooooh, my eyes

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Are you serious, Gamespot?