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Ghostrunner - 6 Minutes Of Gameplay | PAX East 2020 Demo

Mirror's Edge meets Hotline Miami in the cyberpunk action game Ghostrunner. See brand new footage from the PAX East demo featuring improvements to the game's visuals and an added combat section.

Ghostrunner takes many inspirations for its gameplay and style. It uses a structure similar to Hotline Miami with trial-and-error runs through combat scenarios and one hit deaths for everyone (including yourself). But it’s a first-person action game with an emphasis on acrobatic movement and parkour like Mirror’s Edge. Throw in a cyberpunk story and aesthetic, and that’s what you get in Ghostrunner.

You can see our run through the demo in the video above, which started at the beginning of the game. You’re taught how to wall run, use your sword, and execute the slow-motion dodge mechanic that’s key to surviving. Holding the dash button slows down time but also allows you to strafe in mid-air which is clutch for avoiding incoming fire. There’s also a grappling hook that gets you across distant platforms and a slide that speeds you up when going down inclines. Getting the hang of how all these abilities synergize is necessary because Ghostrunner can be unforgiving.

Ghostrunner is said to launch sometime this year for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For more from the show, be sure to check out all the games we've played at PAX East 2020 so far.