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Ghost of Tsushima - Stylish Armor Combinations

We've got some classy outfits to make you look amazing while you adventure across Tsushima Island.

As you're exploring the world of Ghost of Tsushima, you'll find all kinds of gear you can use to customize Jin Sakai's look as you create the legend of the Ghost. You'll find various armor sets from completing Mythic Tales, special armor dyes by seeking out merchants and dye-makers, and headbands and masks for discovering shrines and haiku locations. All of it provides a ton of opportunities to make your own unique samurai outfits.

With so many pieces of Vanity Gear hidden throughout the game, you can create a whole bunch of different outfits for Jin. We spent some time creating our own custom combinations in the video above to give you some ideas Whether you want to create a themed samurai warrior prowling Tsushima's forests, a stealthy ninja look, or some cosplay for a certain thieving raccoon franchise from Sucker Punch's past, we've got you covered.

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