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Ghost of Tsushima - Cinematic Combat Montage

Ghost of Tsushima not only has stunning scenery, but gorgeous and epic combat as well. We dive into hard mode, get technical, and do not sneak, we face our enemies head on.

Sony's next big PS4 exclusive, Ghosts of Tsushima, is finally here. As part of GameSpot's extended coverage of the Sucker Punch-developed game, we're bringing you a deep look at the game's epic combat. In a new video feature, Max dives deep to bring you an extended look at how Ghosts of Tsushima's combat works and how you can play with style, flair, and power.

In the video, we use advanced techniques such as kunai cancels, concentration parries, and Typhoon Kick combos to terrify and overwhelm our opponents. Be sure to check out the full video to see more of Ghost of Tsushima's cinematic combat in action, as it covers a wide range of melee and ranged attacks and lots more.

Ghost of Tsushima is out on PS4 on July 17, so check back to GameSpot for our full review and plenty of other features highlighting even more tips and showcasing the game's gorgeous environments.