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Get a Steam Deck, No Reservation | GameSpot News

Getting a Steam Deck just got a lot easier, Hideo Kojima is teasing his next project again, and Forza Horizon 5 is getting its biggest update yet.

Nothing feels quite like good news on a Friday! For those of you still looking to order a Steam Deck, you’re in luck because you no longer have to make a reservation or wait in a virtual line to buy one. Instead, you can buy it on demand--you know, the way you purchase everything else in your life… Well, except a PS5. Valve has also unveiled the device's promised docking station, which costs $89 and ships in 1-2 weeks. This premium accessory includes not only HDMI, Displayport, and 3 USB 3.1 connectors, but also an Ethernet port.

In a tweet announcing the Deck’s new availability, Valve also noted a few nice features that were added in a recent update. These include expanded docking station options, simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards, better trackpad typing, and improved stability in offline mode. It also includes several advanced control commands, including remapping certain commands when holding a button, as well as nested menus for more complicated PC games.

But even though the wait for more Steam Deck is over, the wait for Hideo Kojima’s next game is still going. However it seems you won’t have to wait much longer, as his studio Kojima Productions begins to pull the curtain back on its next project, revealing that the actress Elle Fanning will appear in it. Kojima revealed this as part of PAX Australia, which is going on now in Melbourne.

The first teaser for the mysterious game was revealed during the Tokyo Game Show last month. Additional teasers are coming, and if they follow tradition, a major game event might again be the host. If that's the case, the next big gaming event this year is Gamescom Asia at the end of October. After that, Kojima's pal Geoff Keighley is hosting The Game Awards in December.

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