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looks good when is it coming out?

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gears is the best game ever its better than halo no joke

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that looks beast

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Thats sick

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gears is tha best

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@NiteShadeX Not too sure about the humanoid Locusts being able to change weapons. But after searching for info, I find that the humanoid Locust selection has been expanded, << LINK REMOVED >>. Usually, in team-based gameplay, there is at least one Swiss Army Knife role for the beginners to use; in this case, it would be a humanoid Locust being able to swap weapons. On the other hand, this won't encourage players to come out of their comfort zone if there is a choice to play this way, the way they had been playing for years, so most likely, no swapping. Moreover, it has been mentioned that << LINK REMOVED >>. This is likely a role-specific advantage, which may further add to the likelihood that they can't swap weapons. Perhaps the Theron Guard role can, if only to emphasize on their elite status. (Also, their canon has mentioned that they have the intelligence, temperament and training to use different weapons to adapt to different situations). However, the added versatility would very likely mean a rather high token cost to counter-balance this.

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@Gelugon_baat Again time 2 I didn't know that about the Grenadier. Can he use any weapons? Or is he pigeonholed into Hammerburst and Gorgon, or similarly Locusty weapons? Bah, Corpser would be overpowered, but too much fun. I can only imagine digging a massive tunnel behind enemy lines, watching your lesser brethren charge forward, and then ripping a tank in half. Also, I really dont think Gears will have vehicles in MP, even the Silverbacks a huge stretch. I cringe every time I have to play a vehicle level in either game, although the Tank level in 2 is far superior to the APc with a big flashlight from 1. Oh well, I suppose one can hope for a Battlefield: Gears of War?

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@NiteShadeX Thanks for telling me the Berserker is playable, though by this time I have already read the Hands-On article. I also noticed that the Berserker is only deployed once the humans have the Hammer of Dawn, so I suppose playing as a Berserker may be a matter of time before getting roasted. As for humanoid Locusts, there is one: the Grenadier. It functions more-or-less like a Gear, but apparently has a 'special ability' to earn more tokens for the Locust team - namely slapping de-limbed humans silly with their own appendages. Corpsers would have been quite overpowered. However, there could be huge Beast maps where a player may get the Corpser instead of the Berserker, or maybe a Brumak. However, for the sake of gameplay balance, the Gears would likely have heavy vehicles, such as the Centaur tank. Either that, or a heck lot of Hammers.

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@Gelugon_baat Again. I believe the Gspot team said the Beserker is playable, but they could not remember that token cost, possibly because their was none. It may work like Battlefront 2 Heros, do especially good to game an uber unit for limited time. Or it could simply be purchasable, but nerfed to feel the pain of normal weapons. Was for the Wrench, I'm not to worried. Assuming you have standard health (which already seems to be unlikely, the Tickers in this video can survive a few shots) Wrenchs should die be a single melee from any gun, and taking about 3 whacks of their own to kill. As for Locust hiding poorly, I believe that Drone, Therons, and other "humanoid" locust that function like a normal Gears character are removed, so it doesnt devolve the game into horde vs horde gunfights. Also, I want Corpsers in Beast mode, we don't see enough of them. >___

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@NiteShadeX Thanks for the info. Yeah, I think it's meant to balance against the Berserker too. However, I don't think the Berserker can really be damaged by its weapons. Likewise, I don't expect the Berserker to be playable either. Perhaps, it will be thrown in once in a while to handle obstacles that the actual Locust players are not able to handle, and they have to protect her from being eventually roasted. However, the Locust that I am worried about being overpowered the most is actually the Wretch. Sure, dude may be weak as soft cheese, but it's small and just about every piece of cover obscure it better than the other Locusts. Many Locusts I had killed poorly hid themselves behind cover. (Maybe they shouldn't have been bred to be so chunky in the first place - shoulder- and foot-shots sure are amusing when they actually kill them. :P) In addition, they are quite fast and as shown at 0:18, appear to have a quick maneuver to get them behind cover. More importantly, the Wretch has been shown to be able to climb things. If players get to climb things too, there's going to be quite a bit of griefing, e.g. level design exploits. All that mobility might not be balanced so well by the Wretch's lack of skill to use any guns. At the least, Wretch players shouldn't be allowed to climb wherever they want.

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@Gelugon_baat Sup dawg. That suit at the end is a Silverback, like the Gorilla. Anyways, its a loader suit thats been militarized to include chainguns and rocket launchers, of course. I think it can still smash stuff with its fists too. Its confirmed for Single Player, but I doubt its in competetive MP, unless somehow they balance it against the Berserker.

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I'm so going to play the Mauler

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SWEET mode. And FINALLY, a Boomer that can actually be smart. :P Anybody noticed that last scene? Where a Berserker smashes what seems to be a powered suit?

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wow...just wow

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Its like horde mode combined with L4D competitive multi-player?

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Wow it's so awesome :D

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del hijuefrutas!!!!!

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this is as sweet as reach's firefight.i guess the berserker is the tank like off of l4d

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Would've been nice if they tried improving the graphics a bit though, it still looks almost the same as it did 4 years ago...

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Interesting, but idk what to really think. My mind is still blown from Firefight in Halo Reach.

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this is the first demo i see from e3 that left me wanting more. (besides dead space 2)

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Looks amazing wow :)

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how the hell are the cog expected to win against a beserker?

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new Locust at 0:40

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Very very cool looking!

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Woah versus Horde, awesome.

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wow shyt coo

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kinda knew u could play as beast when dey said in de confrence as "beast mode"

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This looks like a lot of fun, but I hope that both sides will be playable online.

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Man this looks amazing!

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Im gonna play as a Berserker

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I'm going to play as a GIANT WORM!!!!

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Just pure awesome, the graphic definitely looks better.

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That just gave me a huge one.

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is it me or the sentry gun so weak.

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kind of horde but with guys controlling the locust.. love that

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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that looks like a lot of fun, nice to mix it up

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i like the innovation of having the possiblity of playing with an enemy

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woah, this is awesomus prime! XD

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AWESOME!!! I get to be a freakin' BERSERKER!!! :D

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Wow...absolutely amazing. They really are making this last one an all-out fun fest.

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my dream of playing as a wretch has finally come true :)

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this looks niace

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If humans were controlling...well the humans, they were absolutely awful at that. Or the locusts are really overpowered. But still it looks cool.

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LOL The name is so sick... BEAST MODE XD

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