Gear.Club Unlimited Nintendo Switch's First Racing Car Game

Join Erick and Miguel as they check out Gear.Club Unlimited the first racing car game to come to the Switch.

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AAA price for a fremium mobile port?

Hell no! AAA price for the full content, actual controls and no microtransactions pay wall?

well that's perfect! This game is cheaper than a good car costs in the mobile version...

I would pay that price for Real Racing 3 port as well!

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Thats a mobile game ported on the Switch lol :D
I've played it on my phone like a months ago.

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That looks like an iPad game.

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@agramonte: originally an android game made available on switch.

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@agramonte: Switch is kinda like an iPad

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@alien-ouy: sorry its not at all.


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@itchyflop: It pretty much resembles one and also the console has pretty limited hardware. Am I wrong ?

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@alien-ouy: you know you pose a good question actually, i was going to completely disagree, but......

The Microsoft surface is as well then or every other tablet on the market?

You could say the ps4 has limited hardware, there are limits to any machine, again i can sort of see your point, however i think your giving the wrong impression to others in generalizing "switch is kinda like an ipad".

EDIT : The switch (currently) is an independent gaming device and the iPad isn't.

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I left the stream early as it was getting too toxic, but what I saw looked fun enough to consider a buy, if I had a Switch. Perhaps it was a bit of desperation speaking, in between Need For Speed being the property of videogame cancer, Gran Turismo offering nothing for the single player, and Forza having microtransactions, but this game looked like a welcome ride to the rescue to return racing games back to the throwaway, pick up and play goodness of the old days.

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@pmcollectorboy: GT is bringing back the career mode very soon in an update thank goodness :)

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@deviltaz35: I look forward to that, then. Who knows? My first foray into VR might be that game.