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IDK, forgive me if I don't sound convinced...... All the other Terminator games sucked....badly how is this one gonna be any different?? graphics look good though.....

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If not the detail in graphics hopefully they can get down the character animations correctly. Then that will suffice in my opinion. I hope the games good.

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look good but if their is online multiplayer it has to have different modes and a survival mode against those robots would be awesome

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they sounded enthusiastic about it....

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omg....! the graphics look amazing.....! (not)

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Is it me or does the game's graphics look like something we would've seen on first-gen PS2 games?

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like gears of war a bit too much??

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Even games without flanking intended still have flanking that works! This is almost like gears of war also.

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i thought Terminator: Redemption was decent for the original xbox so im hoping this will be good, but the screenshots looked horrible

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No thanks!.

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i would say it will be good game but after what Wanted showed with it's trailers i think this game will get maximum 7.0

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"something new to Video Games...", "flanking system...", did anybody played Brothers in Arms HH here?, crap and more crap coming out of Movie Licensed Video games

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The graphics look like crap! ........and I love how Shaun says "sounds interesting" at the end. lol

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remember this is a movie game :-o

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Looks alright, we'll see how good it really is after some gameplay, and i hope they improve some of the graphics, at 1:15 the textures looked like crap

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i agree with deltafree. it doesnt look lyk theres gonna be anythin extremely different bout it compared to other shooters. If they came out with changes to the standard type of shooter, specially things that would relate directly to the terminator theme.

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"Comes out with the movie" I see a problem there. I shouldn't have to explain it. They should wait another 6 months and release it with the DVD instead.

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1:15 they really need to improve alot more the graphics they looked crap

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So damned hard to tell, if this is gonna suck or succeed. Looks more like any other shooter with Terminators injected into the game play.

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almost every single movie-game ever made....Sucks...this looks no different. I'm focused more on Prototype for summer.

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So far, seems like it will be a so-so game. Maybe after some gameplay footage it might seem better.

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i think graphics need more attenction ...hop to play terminator series with more next game eng....hope gameplay be better!!!

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kinda boring looking not gonna lie. hope it is not b/c that would suck for the terminator series..

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My name is Kaz Lazerus and was the voice for Treebeard in LOTR. BARABOEM!!!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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graphics look crap

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I'm not expecting much from a terminator game, but I do hope they finally make a good one.

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hoping for a good terminator game for ONCE! Might actually be better than other movie based games.

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Were is the action, I don't want to see stills.

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we want to see gameplay not stupid screenshoots.

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it feels like it has Wanted written all over it

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Ehh.... looks like the 3rd-person cover shooter is, like regen health, becoming overly used in games. If its decent I will still play it, but it looks like a 50-dollar total conversion for something like Wanted: WoF. Guess future info/movies will tell though.

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What a cute little couple they made in that interview.

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Hopefully it will break the movie-to-game curse terminator is one of my favorite sci-fi action movies

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looks generic